Fuzion X-3 vs Fuzion X-5

Playing is a stimulation that greatly affects the intelligence of the kids. One of the types of toys that mom can give to a child is a scooter. By playing a scooter, the child gets a chance to move his body freely, which is useful to train his muscles and also his physical skills. Your kids can set its own direction and scooter speed, thus making it able to remove expression from within him, which then is very useful for the development of his soul and intelligence. If you are a parent who interested in buying a scooter as your child’s toy, we will help you to choose the best scooter between Fuzion X-3 vs Fuzion X-5 for your child’s playmate.

Fuzion X-3
Fuzion PRO X-3 is the ideal beginner pro scooter for younger riders to advance their tricks. Perfect for hitting the skatepark or for street-riding. The Fuzion Pro X-3 scooter features our unique lightweight aluminum box-shaped deck. 4” wide with squared edges for comfortable hand-grabs. Its high-strength steel handlebar with pro silicon grips, smooth cast PU wheels and quality components make this scooter fast and rugged. The Fuzion PRO X-3 is the perfect gateway to advanced riding while enjoying the Fuzion quality and design to enhance the performance and riding experience. The Fuzion Pro X-3 is the introductory pro scooter for younger riders to perfect their tricks. This model is constructed out of heavy duty heated treated aluminum making it able to withstand street and skate park riding. Pro X-3 is available in six vibrant colors that appeal to a wide audience.

Fuzion X-5
Fuzion introduces the Fuzion PRO X 5 Stunt Scooter, the next level to their beginner PRO scooter line up. It offers young ones a fun and active way to ride around the park or the neighborhood and practice their skills. The Pro X-5 kids scooter picks up where the Pro X-3 leaves off and adds three distinct upgrades. It comes equipped with a stacked triple clamp, four-spoke metal core wheels and a flex fender brake for safe, controlled stops. These upgrades, paired with the existing aluminum boxed shaped deck make for a reliable scooter designed for exciting performance. The scooter also features high-strength V-shaped handlebars with comfort rubber grips for a firm, secure hold and improved control. Squared deck edges allow for better hand grabs when riders do stunts and full deck grip tape gives them firm footing while they ride. The wheels run smoothly on high-speed bearings.

- 20” x 4” aluminum box-shaped deck
- 18” wide steel batwing handle bar
- Soft PRO hand grips
- 100mm cast PU ABS wheels
- Triple bolt clamp and Steel flex brake
- 20" X 4" aluminum box-shaped deck with square edges for hand grabs
- Strong V-shaped steel handle bars, stacked triple clamp
- Amazing 4 spoke metal core ABS PU wheels
- Metal flex fender brake
- The Fuzion pro X-5 will not disappoint

Fuzion X-5 is an upgraded version of the fuzion x-3. PRO X-5 is the perfect scooter for younger riders looking to advance and progress. he Pro X-5 gets where the Pro X-3 ends and includes three unique upgrades. Fuzion PRO X-5 comes equipped with a stacked triple clamp, 4 spoke Metal core wheels and a flex fender brake. These upgrades coupled with the existing aluminum boxed shaped deck produce a fantastic scooter that surpass expectations. X-5 is perfect for your kid’s playing companion.