Fuzion Z300 vs Z250

So, you are now looking for a good entry-level pro scooter? There are two great products from Fuzion that can be suitable for you. Meet Fuzion Z300 and Fuzion Z250. They each are available for just slightly above a hundred bucks. Well, they may seem very similar to each other. However, Fuzion Z300 is a little bit more expensive than Fuzion Z250. So, you are certainly wondering what the differences actually are between these two models, aren’t you? If so, you have come to the right place! Continue reading to understand the comparisons between Fuzion Z300 vs Z250.

Color Choices and Overall Dimensions
Well, let us start from the light stuff first. When comparing Fuzion Z300 vs Z250, you may want to consider the available color options especially if you have a particular preference. Fuzion Z250 is only suitable in two color options, which are jet black and teal. On the other hand, Fuzion Z300 provides more color options. It is available in black, black and gold, gray and green, also teal metallic. So, if you really want to have some golden or green hue on your scooter, you know which way to go.

At first, these two models may seem to have similar sizes. However, Fuzion Z300 is actually a little bit wider and heavier than Fuzion Z250. The differences are not significant, though. Fuzion Z300 is 7.9 lbs (3.58 kg), whereas Fuzion Z250 is 7.8 lbs (3.54 kg). Most probably, you will not notice the differences even when lifting the two scooters.

Recommended Age, Weight, and Skill Level
Just like many other manufacturers in the market, Fusion provides some recommendations to help you choose between Fuzion Z300 vs Z250. According to the manufacturer, both Fuzion Z250 and Fuzion Z300 are suitable for users of at least 8 years old. Both models also have the same maximum weight limit, which is 220 lbs (99.79 kg). Hence, in general, either model should be suitable for most people.

However, the manufacturer further says that Fuzion Z250 is suitable for users with intermediate skill, whereas Fuzion Z300 is more for users with intermediate to advanced skill. This is probably because Z300 is slightly wider and heavier, thus requiring more efforts to control, as well as the advanced parts that we are going to discuss further below.

Bar and Deck
When choosing a new scooter, you should take a look at the sizes of the bar and deck. Both will greatly determine the feel and comfort of the scooter.

Pro scooter bars are available in various styles, which, though won’t vary the functionality, can give different looks and feels. They may also vary by the materials used. Fuzion Z250 comes with a high-tensile steel T-bar that measures 23” tall and 22” wide. The left and right pieces are connected in a straight line, pretty much light the “T” letter. On the other hand, Fuzion Z300 comes with the 4130 Chromoly T bar. The height and width are similar, but it looks more sporty and stylish. The left and right pieces are slightly curved when going to the intersection.

Both models are equipped with the Dog Bone decks, but the sizes are different. Fuzion Z250’s deck is a little bit narrower, measuring 4.25” x 19.5”. On the other hand, Fuzion Z300’s deck measures 4.50” x 20.5”. If your body is more on the large side, you will feel more comfortable on a more spacious deck. Both decks are made from aluminum, and are very sturdy and durable.

Headset and Fork
Although the two models seem to be similar, they are constructed with different headsets. The quality of the headset can determine the performance of your pro scooter. It is essentially the part that allows the fork tube to rotate smoothly and silently, and this is very important for steering as well as performing your maneuver tricks.

Fuzion Z250 comes with the 34.5 mm alloy clamp, which is pretty good. However, this model is basically an entry-level product in Fuzion’s line-up, so it is not surprising that this model is not packed with the best gear. For sure, this model is not bad for a starting point.

On the other hand, Fuzion Z300 comes to bridge the gap between the entry-level Z250 and the ultra pro Z400, featuring the sealed headset bearings, flex style break, and HIC compression system. It is equipped with the 60 mm alloy triple-bolt staggered headset clamp, which greatly improves the performance. It is much more silent and smooth.

Unfortunately, the forks of both models are not impressive. Both forks have somewhat bad welds, though these flaws are not very noticeable. The other welds all over the scooters are indeed great, but the ones around the forks are not as good. The fork can last for some time, but you may want to replace it with a better one that looks better and more durable.

Performance and Maintenance
Generally speaking, both Fuzion Z250 and Fuzion Z300 have great performance. They can glide fast and allow you to perform various tricks, thanks to the high-performance 110 mm aluminum core wheels. However, they are a little bit heavy. You can also notice that Fuzion Z300 is able to turn and maneuver a little bit more effortlessly.

It is quite a relief that both models have decent build quality. The components and parts hold very well, and they somehow rarely require re-adjustments. Keep in mind that Fuzion Z300 is different from other pro scooters because the model’s clamp has opposing bolts, and may require small adjustments on each side in order to ensure even clamping.

- Hidden Internal Compression (HIC) System, Sealed Headset Bearings, Large Chromoly Junction Handlebars, Alloy Cross Bolt Triple Clamp, Fuzion Butter Soft Grips
- Wheels - 110mm 88A PU Aluminum Wheels with ABEC 9 bearings
- Brake – Fuzion Steel Adjustable Rattle Proof Fender Brake
- High Tensile Steel T-Bars (22” H X 21" W), One Piece Threadless Steel Fork, 34.5 MM Alloy Triple Clamp
- 6061 T6 Aluminum Deck & Neck/82.5 Angle, Dog Bone Design Deck Dimensions 20.5" L X 4.37"W
- 110mm Cast PU & Aluminum Core Wheels, Bolt On Steel Flex Style Rattle Free Break

In the end, between these two models, Fuzion Z300 is certainly the winner! Not that Fuzion Z250, but it is really an entry-level model. If you want to get better build quality and higher quality components, Fuzion Z300 is worth the money. Besides, this model looks better, thanks to the sporty Chromoly bar, and the deck is a little bit more spacious. Finally, you may also want to consider Fuzion Z300 because this model is available in more color options.