Fuzion Z300 vs Z350

Scooter is a very fun toy to present your children with because they are easier to ride especially compared to bike, and safer even for smaller children. If your kid wants a scooter for his/her birthday, Fuzion Z300 Vs Z350 can be a nice choice with a reliable quality but will not ask much from your pocket as well. They are suitable for children and has no motoric function but, before shopping for one, see which scooter will fit them the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Is it Safe to give Kick Scooter for your Children
– What are Fuzion Z300 and Z350
– What Fuzion Z300 and Z350 Look Like
– How are the Wheels in Fuzion Z300 and Z350
– How are the Deck in Fuzion Z300 and Z350
– How are the Handlebar in Fuzion Z300 and Z350
– Fuzion Z300 Vs Z350

Kick Scooter for Children
Childhood is supposed to be an unforgettable memory and full of playful days because apparently humans will grow older and the more we age, the more responsibilities we have to deal with so as a parent, it is not surprising when all of us want the children to enjoy their time before gaining experience to face their future whether it is with their education and socializing with the people surrounding them. Childhood is also closely connected to toys; several of them from those they played indoor and outdoor.

Just like when we are little, toys are an essential part of childhood and even adults are fond of various toys such as LEGO and Plastic Model. The type in which they like better will highly depending on their own taste but as long as they are appropriate for the age, we should allow them to have some with supervision especially for the younger ones. This is why it is always better to pay attention to the age limit so then we can protect our children from unnecessary accidents.

Among those many types of toys, the one that they can ride can be a very fun choice to let them spend the playtime outside. We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is not a good lesson to learn while they are still children because it can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and the nature that children are very active is great to let them have their time outside and move the body with siblings or friends. Kick scooter is one of those toys we can give them for a fun ride.

Some parents might be worried about the safety of scooter because they indeed can get quite fast depending on which terrain the ride on so make sure there is no such place in your area. Just like many other types of toys, scooter or in this case kick scooter usually have age restrictions and in general they have to be at least 8 years old depending on the specification or how well your kid can balance their body whether they are able or not yet.

Kick scooter has a very low height from the road and the standing panel so even when they slipped, the impact won’t be as great compared to when riding a regular bike. However, besides teaching them on how to properly ride a scooter, parents also need to give their children protection especially helmet because it is always safer to wear a protection and if they are comfortable with, a knee and elbow pad will add a higher protection against impact as well.

About Fuzion Z300 and Z350
If your kid is ready to ride their scooters, now is a good time to see what the market has to offer but before getting them one, make sure whether they can balance their body yet such as able to ride a regular bike or not because if this is their first experience, you may also want to spare some time to help them get used to the new toy. As for the brands, there are so many good options as well and one of them is Fuzion.

We are sure many people are familiar with this brand as well because they are quite popular and often used by adults too as their trick scooter because their products are known for the sturdy frame and compared to many other brands who also offer the same type of scooters, Fuzion is actually one of the best in terms of building quality which makes it a go-to for many players who need to get a reliable toy to safely do their tricks. Read also: Nanrobot X4 Vs Xiaomi M365 here.

For those whose children are older or at least 8 years old, Fuzion Z300 and Z350 are two great models to check out because they are made for children and even teenager who loves to ride a scooter and these two brothers are actually very similar to each other which makes many parents or users confused about which version to get. To put it simply the latter is a higher model and a slight upgrade from the little brother with some minor differences.

These kick scooters can be a great choice whether your children are just playing around or riding the toy around the neighborhood or if they want to try a new challenge or tricks with these scooters. In our opinion Fuzion Z300 and Z350 are not for a first timer because they are featured and designed to be a reliable partner for older kids to explore their skills. However, their build quality should last for years for your kid to enjoy longer.

Fuzion Z300 and Z350 Design
As you can see on the sample picture above, these scooters are almost identical to each other and looking just like any other kick scooters out there with straight fork and they are also not foldable in case you need to travel or plan to carry it in a car’s trunk. Overall they have the same size but when you lift both of them, it seems that the Z350 somehow feels a bit heavier than its little brother and if you see closely, the tire is slightly bigger too.

Another thing we love from the design alone is their painting job because they look pretty and if you are not fond of these colors presented above, they carry other fashions as well. What we found to be not so fascinating is that there is no way to adjust the handlebar since the fork is fixed and solid but when you compared them together, Z300 is actually taller than Z350 when it comes to scooter height. Additionally, they also have a quite wide deck to comfortably stride your way around.

Fuzion Z300 and Z350 Wheel
One of the most important parts to consider when shopping for a kick scooter is their wheel or tire size because this is what will decide how comfortable the scooter will be and there is a distinction between those with smaller and bigger wheels. In this side both scooters are different because the little brother is paired with 110mm wheels and the Fuzion Z350 is paired with slightly larger 120mm wheel which also justify why the latter is heavier.

The benefit of having bigger wheels or larger tire is it will give you longer glide distance per push so we don’t have to push them too often and it also means better shock absorption for when the road is bumpy or has lots of potholes. It will allow smoother stride in general for example small twigs or pebbles won’t be a crucial problem.

Fuzion Z300 and Z350 Deck
Moving forward, let’s talk about the standing panel or some people called it as deck because it will also affect how these scooters will perform for you. We are glad that they are quite wide measured at 19.5-inch long and 4.5/4.7-inch wide, making it an ideal size for doing tricks but still very comfortable for just leisure riding. The one in Z300 has rails for grinding and reinforced-center on the neck to distribute landing more evenly while on the other hand, Z350 has custom nylon inserts.

The deck on this big brother is also designed with 3-degree top concave and flat bottom with rails to let you do grinding without any issue.

Fuzion Z300 and Z350 Handlebar
Another interesting thing about Fuzion Z300 and Z350 is their rise bar because they are actually different between both scooters and we are sure you can already see where the difference is. The prominent difference between these solid bar is the shape of its handle itself for the latter has the classic T-Bar design made from Chromoly Steel while the little brother has VERT Riser Bar, made from the same material but have different shapes.

These handlebars are padded on both ends with Nylon to enhance the comfortability when you grip the scooter but the Z300 somehow feels plushier in general yet, size from the left and right end are similarly at 22-inch. Additionally, the big brother is measured at 22-inch from top to bottom but the Z300 is taller at 32.5-inch so this model can accommodate wider height range with consideration on the rider’s preference.

Fuzion Z300 and Z350 are a nice scooters to give to your kid as their companion for a bigger adventure and overall they are equally sturdy as well as reliable with amazing build quality. The differences are on the height for Z300 is taller and has this VERT handlebar in case this model fits your kid’s taste better while on the other hand Z350 has bigger wheels for more comfort, slightly longer deck to accommodate the tricks and classic T handlebar.

Fuzion Z300 vs Z350

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- 6061 T6 Aluminum Deck & Neck 82.5 angle, *NEW Dog-bone Deck 20.5" L x 4.50" W
- HIC Compression System NECO Fully Sealed and Integrated Headset Bearings
- CNC Aluminum Fork Fuzion 23" H x 21" W 4130 Chromoly Bars & 40 MM Fuzion “Strangler” Alloy Headset Clamp

There is no bad options between them because they are equally a good choice for a durable scooter but, if we are to pick, those whose children who will use the scooter for performing tricks, the Fuzion Z350 is a better choice due to its wider wheel and T bar.