Globber Elite Vs Elite Deluxe

As a parent we want to buy our kids their favorite toys and scooter is a great option because it helps your children to develop their motor skills and a fun way to spend their time exploring out there. For younger kids, three-wheel scooters like Globber Elite Vs Elite Deluxe are ideal since they are safer and easier to get used to. If you wonder whether the two are the same model and which of them will be the better option, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Three-Wheel Scooter to Buy
  • What are Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe
  • How are the Design of Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe
  • How are the Wheels in Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe
  • How are the Deck in Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe
  • What else Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe can offer
  • Globber Elite Vs Elite Deluxe

Three-Wheel Scooters

Scooters are very popular just like bicycles and probably more ideal for young children because they are closer to the ground so the chance of the rider hurt themselves when falling off the deck is less damaging than from a saddle which is typically higher. Depending on how old the kid is and their ability to balance or understand how the toy works, our choice should be adjusted to follow their ability. If unsure, starting with a three wheel bike or scooter is an easy start from a very young age.

Three wheel scooters are usually meant for toddlers but as parents we always wonder whether they are safe for our kids to play with because sometimes we don’t have the time to always accompany them during their play time. But, in comparison to regular two wheel scooters such as Razor A2 Kick Scooter Vs A3, a three wheel model is going to be much safer because the kid doesn’t have to balance their board and can just push the scooter around as they prefer.

Toddlers balance is still delicate even when they are already able to walk properly so choosing two wheel scooters may be too challenging for them and with an additional wheel on the front/rear, there is no need to concern about how to balance the board but they can focus on navigating and understand how the toy work first. Three wheel scooters are also typically light to make sure the kid can push or put them back on the wheels in case the scooter fall.

As opposed to bicycles in general that place the additional wheel on the rear, most three wheel scooters put two wheels at the front and there are two of them based on how the scooter is navigated. For toddlers or young kids, usually we choose the tilt-to-steer type which is very popular as well. This type of scooter doesn’t have a swiveling handlebar that moves or rotate but to steer the wheel kids need to tilt the handlebar to where they want to head.

 Globber EliteGlobber Elite Deluxe
Product Dimensions27 x 5 x 25 inches22.05 x 11.02 x 32.87 inches
Shipping Weight5.51 Pounds7.05 Pounds
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The other type is a more common steering system where the T bar can be rotated left or right to navigate the movement. The difference is tilt-to-steer will also provide or support the kid’s body and understanding of the mechanism as well as supporting their confidence and balance. Since tilting is smoother to tweak the scooter movement, there is no jerking movement as they tilt the handlebar to the right or left, unlike swiveling handle that often cause young riders to fall off the board.

About Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe

If you are here then we assume that you also have small children who are ready for their first scooter and a three wheel model is the most ideal option. This type of scooter doesn’t take long to learn with but as they grow taller it is probably more fun to move into a larger two wheel scooter, especially after they can balance the body properly or before riding a two wheel bicycle. Three wheel scooters are also very affordable depending on the brand and model.

Since there are so many of them out there, it is more convenient to check what other parents are choosing for because chances are they will be more reliable and proven to last, especially if your toddlers or kids are often not so delicate about their toys. Among those many options, Globber is one of the most popular brands for children scooter and this is for good reason since their products are reliable as well as long lasting and look very attractive for children.

This brand carries various options to match with which seems to attract your kids or meets the budget yet some are very similar to each other that it can be confusing such as Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe. Both of them are good options and are equally affordable yet the price point may make you wonder which of the two will be the better option for the similarities. Overall, we do think you can go well with any of them since the difference doesn’t play any effect on how the scooter works.

Both Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe are very much the same to each other and they are using the same mechanism as well which is tilt-to-steer. These scooters are ideal for young kids and those who are not ready yet for two wheel scooters. The difference is substantial and in our opinion you can choose the one that is currently cheaper or easier to find because there are several of the Elite line in which none of the differences are affecting how the scooter performs.

Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe Design

These scooters are made with the same material and they are not specifically stated but usually typical scooter are made of either steel or aluminum and as you can see, the prominent difference between these models is that the Deluxe variant comes with anodized T bar in which the regular Elite variant only has the Globber logo pressed on it. This anodized coating doesn’t only look good with the available color options but also making it more durable and more resistant to corrosion.

Besides this difference, both of them are exactly identical with padding foam on both side of the handlebar but the shade or design is different. From the built quality these scooters are very robust and seem to sustain abuse as well that make the great choice for kids who love riding the scooter outdoors and love to ride them fast. Weight wise they are about 7 pounds and come pre assembled yet it only takes minutes to put them together.

Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe Wheel

When it comes to a scooter, one of the most important points is their wheels because this will decide how smooth they roll on the surface whether you only allow them indoors or bring the kids to the park and let them play outdoors. Both Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe are coming with three polyurethane wheels that are different in size for the front wheel is bigger at 121mm and the one on their rear is 80mm. The bigger wheels make the scooter more stable while smaller wheel aids for agile movement.

Depending on which model you choose from the Elite line, the original Elite and Elite Deluxe doesn’t have LED lighting in their tires but you will find a similar choice with the mentioned lights on the Deluxe Light variant. Usually they will be more expensive but if your kids will love the additional fashion, we think it is great to add a little more into the budget.

Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe Deck

Next we want to talk about the deck and again, Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe are the same in both shape and size. Unlike typical two wheel scooters, these decks are shaped with a slight curve in the middle which is not actually affecting the comfort or performance but we are glad that they do put rubber coating or cover for the deck, making the surface more cushiony and not as rigid as what we often see on adult or two wheel scooters.

The dimensions stay the same at 11 to 13 cm and they are very low to the ground so we do recommend choosing a very smooth pavement or area for them to play around since slight bumps can shock the frame or make the scooter stuck. As for the weight limit, they can sustain user weight up to 110 lbs. and for 3 years or older riders. On the rear of the deck there is a wheel cover that also functions as a brake when you press them down.

Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe Features

Lastly for additional features, Globber Elite and Elite Deluxe are the same as well and one of the conveniences is we can fold them into half by rotating and pushing down the T handlebar into the deck. There is a button in between the two front wheels and this can lock the steering to help young riders learning to use the scooter. In addition, the handlebar is adjustable up to several positions from 67.5 cm to 83.5cm from the deck.

Globber Elite Vs Elite Deluxe

These scooters are very similar to each other and identical in terms of performance or mechanism. Depending on which Elite variant you will buy, the original Elite and Elite Deluxe doesn’t have the light but the Light variant has so make sure to check which model you are choosing. In addition the Deluxe scooter has an anodized handlebar which the regular Elite doesn’t to make it more attractive and durable.

- Revolutionary easy to use folding system
- Exclusive Globber lighting functions
- Reinforced structure with metal plate (50kg)
- Globber's scooters offer the only product on the market with a patented steering lock button which helps young children learn to ride
- First foldable 3-wheel scooter on the market and an assisted 1 second folding mechanism specifically designed for the commuting scooter rider
- Globber transforms the conventional scooter with its reliable, sleek and innovative design, and unmatched functionality


You can choose any of these variants since there is no bad option but it is best to ask the kid which they like better since the difference is mostly cosmetic but we do like the Elite Deluxe better just because it has more attractive shade or color options.