Halo Rover vs Segway

Hoverboards have become the new way of personal transportation. A hoverboard is portable and easy to bring along wherever you go. It is also simple and easy to use. You just need to stand on it, and, after some time training and getting used to the control, you can drive it wherever you go. You no longer have to walk down the road – you now glide through. Such convenience is the reason behind Halo Rover and Segway’s popularity. Both are electric hoverboards that have received lots of positive reviews. The two are standing in the same price range. So, which hoverboard should you choose?

For sure, Halo Rover and Segway have very different designs. Halo Rover is the one that looks more like a typical hoverboard. It is a simple board with a pair of wheels – of course, the internal system is much more intricate and complicated, but the look from the outside is simple and straightforward. The board has extended parts that may look like wings; these wings function to prevent water and mud on the wheels from splashing to your feet. On the front side, you can find a pair of head lights that look nice and stylish.

On the other hand, Segway is a very distinctive hoverboard because it features a padded knee bar that rises from the middle of the board. The manufacturer claims that the knee bar, besides enhancing the user’s comfort, also creates a more ergonomic control. Unlike other hoverboards that rely on foot-pivot steering, you can drive this hoverboard with more precision by acting with your knees.

Halo Rover has been equipped with all-terrain tires. The tires have aggressive tread patterns that enable them to go through streets, snow, sand, and mud without much problem. On the other hand, Segway may not be all that versatile, but the siping on the tires ensures sufficient biting and effective water evacuation for safe and reliable performance on wet roads.

Battery Life
Both models have the same maximum speed, which is 10 mph. That’s pretty fast. However, they do have different battery life. Halo Rover can only last for about two hours when used continuously. On the other hand, Segway is outstanding, as it is able to last for about four hours.

- UL 2272 SAFETY CERTIFIED - each Halo Rover has passed UL certification and includes a hologram certificate
- EXCLUSIVE HALO TECHNOLOGY - included are Halo Technology sensors that provide the smoothest ride possible
- BLUETOOTH & MOBILE APP - blast music to your board from your phone. Customize the board to your riding style with the Halo Rover app
- Connect to the mobile app via Bluetooth for full features: remote control operation, anti-theft alarm, speed control, customizable lights, vehicle diagnostics, and firmware updates.
- UL 2272 Certified unit meets high standards of fire and electrical safety set by world-renown global safety science company Underwriters Laboratories.
- 220 lbs payload, light-weight, and durable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame and 10.5 inch pneumatic air-filled tires with military-grade shock absorption capability

Segway is great because of the comfortable knee bar and excellent battery life. It is a solid choice for on-road usage. However, if you want something usable in all weather and environmental conditions, or if you simply prefer a simple hoverboard, then you should choose Halo Rover.