Jetson V8 vs Halo Rover

Jetson V8 and Halo Rover are two electric hoverboards that may appear almost identical to each other. Both Jetson V8 and Halo Rover have been designed as off-road hoverboards. They share many similarities, from the looks to the engines to the features. Still, despite, the similarities, there are notable differences between these two models that may not stand out right away. Below, you can read more about the differences and comparisons between Jetson V8 and Halo Rover. Before you make your choice, make sure that you continue reading below.

In terms of design, Jetson V8 and Halo Rover share quite some similarities. They both have extended parts one the sides that function to protect the feet area against splashing from the tires. Both also come with a pair of LED headlights each and off-road tires. Though, on Jetson V8, each headlight is a single piece that is long and wide. On Halo Rover, each headlight actually consists of several smaller lights. The design of Halo Rover may appear more stylish, whereas Jetson V8 appears more laid-back and elegant. The tread patterns on their tires are slightly different, but nothing significant. Both have aggressive tread patterns for superior traction and handling capabilities, especially on off-road and slippery terrains. We find it interesting that Halo Rover is slightly lighter at 32 lbs than Jetson V8, which is 35 lbs. However, Halo Rover can only take a maximum load of 260 lbs, whereas Jetson V8 can take a load of up to 300 lbs.

Even though both are powered by 400-W motors, Jetson V8 is actually able to run faster than Halo Rover. The top speed of Jetson V8 is 12 mph, whilst the maximum on Halo Rover is only 10 mph. Still, they have the same maximum travel distance, which is about 10 miles. Thanks to the powerful motors, both models are able to climb up slopes well without much problem.

Additional Features
Both models come with built-in Bluetooth and their respective mobile apps. By connecting your mobile phone with the hoverboard, you will be able to control the hoverboard remotely and choose one of the three riding modes. However, Halo Rover comes with a free carry case; Jetson V8 does not have it.

- DUAL 400 WATT MOTORS reach a top speed of 10 mph for up to 12 miles, and support up to 231 lbs
- INDEPENDENT GYROS deliver dynamic equilibrium for enhanced control with a shift of your body weight
- 3 SPEED MODES are controlled from our free app, which you download to your smartphone
- UL 2272 SAFETY CERTIFIED - each Halo Rover has passed UL certification and includes a hologram certificate
- EXCLUSIVE HALO TECHNOLOGY - included are Halo Technology sensors that provide the smoothest ride possible
- BLUETOOTH & MOBILE APP - blast music to your board from your phone. Customize the board to your riding style with the Halo Rover app

If you need a higher weight limit or better speed, then Jetson V8 makes the way to go. Otherwise, we recommend you to choose Halo Rover – the carry case will be very handy.