Micro Maxi 3 vs Deluxe

Scooter is a very fun toy and transportation tool to have both for children and adults because they are eco-friendly and will save some of your time and energy when required to arrive at a destination faster. For those whose kids love to ride a scooter, Micro Maxi 3 Vs Deluxe can be a nice models to give on their birthday or Christmas. If you are also eyeing these scooters, see what they can offer and pick which model will suit your children the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Scooter is a Good Present
– Is Scooter Safe for Children
– What are Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe
– What Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe Look Like
– How are the Wheel of Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe
– What Brake used in Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe
– Do Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe have Adjustable Handlebar
– Micro Maxi 3 Vs Deluxe

Kick Scooter
Most of us have various toys in childhood and they can be something we play with or to ride with like bicycle, rollerblade, skateboard, or scooter. All of them are fun to ride because the sensation of rolling on a wheel and feel the wind brushing our hair or shirt are indeed enjoyable even when we are already an adult like now. As a parent, we must have a wish to see our children be happy and as many youth, they will love toys as their playmate.

Sometimes it can be hard to pick a present because we don’t really sure whether they will like it or not but as their parents, we must understand them first about their hobbies and what they want to have for the next birthday or Christmas. Giving present not only can boost parent-kid bond but also support them to be more active, especially if the kids are interested in certain types of activities. For those whose kids are often playing outdoors, a scooter or bike are a very nice choice to consider.

These type of toys not only fun to have but also will allow your kid to move faster from one place to another while enjoying their playtime outside. Bike or scooter will also provide some light exercise for their growing body but comparing the two, scooter is the safer option because mostly they will ride on the sidewalk or not on the main road. They are also safer for small children for the length between the foot and road surface are very low.

Scooter Safety
Some parents might not sure about giving their growing children a scooter because it seems dangerous but in fact, it is the same for letting them playing outside the house and being too restrictive will also limit your babies to explore their surroundings more. A scooter is a very safe toy to have but you may want to pay attention to whether they can already balance the body yet or not and make sure that the toys are suitable for their age.

Slipping on a scooter will cause far less damage than slipping from a regular two wheel bike but we do recommend parents to help their kids to balance and teach them about balancing their weight on a scooter. This specifically applied for 2-wheel scooter yet, for smaller children who are not ready yet to ride one, there are various specific models with more wheels thus, your kids don’t have to trained in balancing their body first. We also recommend parents to add helmet and pads to protect them properly while playing outside.

About Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe
If you already decide on whether to present them with a scooter or other toys, now is the time to see what the market has to offer for there are so many of them out there and chances any model will work just fine depending on how old your children are. For those who choose a scooter, one part we have to pay attention to is their age limit because just like many other toys, they also have distinct specifications for how old a child should ride their products.

Parents with children who are already skilled to balance their body on a regular scooter or bike, Razor A Kick Scooter Vs Razor A2 Kick Scooter are a very interesting and affordable scooter to consider but, if your kid is still too small or not able yet to balance their body without the help of assisting wheel, Micro is one of the best brands to check out because they are carrying quite a lot of options especially for smaller children who are not ready to ride their youth scooter.

Micro is very popular in the market because of their high quality products and various models to choose from but with more collection comes more confusion as well since we need to pick the best choice depending on what you are looking for in the product. However, if your children can’t ride 2-wheel scooter yet, Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe are two ideal option to consider because they are equally coming with 3 wheel system meaning there is no balancing needed.

Both of Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe are very similar to each other because they are close brother so there is a high chance you will find the same set of features on any of these models. Price wise they are not far apart as well so we don’t think there is a crucial feature added nor different in material between the two. Overall these models are a very nice choice for smaller kids and safer for the scooter can stand on itself.

Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe Design
As you can see on the sample picture above, these scooters are identical to each other and overall have the same physical aesthetic with the same material as well. They do have different fashion options though and while it is not as interesting as their name, this is actually what set them apart from each other because the Deluxe is coming with a lot more fashion to choose such as interesting full Yellow that you can only get on the latter.

They have the same dimension and weighing only around 5.5 lbs. so our children can carry their scooter around without help and when you need to keep them for a prolonged time, their handlebar are removable as well to keep things more compact and simpler. As a 3-wheel scooter, their design might seem a little bit odd because we commonly see the two wheels were placed at the rear part but in these scooters they are placed at the front portion.

Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe Wheels
When looking for a scooter, especially those for adults, what we see first is mostly how they power the movement because we ride scooter to help save some energy and more often looking at the electric type. For children models, they are very basic or have no fancy features like battery or speed acceleration and to replace it, the most important part will be their tire. Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe are very similar with polyurethane wheel measured at 120 mm and 80 mm on the rear.

They are not air filled rubber so you don’t have to worry about flat tires anymore and when it comes to weight bearing, polyurethane is the best choice because it can fit more load and has a higher abrasion or cut and tear resistance. They don’t provide much cushioning and doesn’t meant to be used as an off-road application but will roll very well on flat or smooth surface.

Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe Brakes
The next important part we want to talk about is their brake because it is very necessary to keep the rider safe as well as the people around them. Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe are featured with a rear-wheel brake that need to be pressed to be activated. The rider basically need to press the fender or wheel cover with one of their feet, such as left foot when need to stop and these fenders have textured surface to prevent slip when being pressed.

Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe Handlebar and Capacity
Moving further, as it has been mentioned above, the handlebar of these scooters are removable when needed so parents can travel easily or store them compactly if the children no longer have the desire to play. These are adjustable handlebar with standard “T” design and padding on each side for comfort while the length from their deck to the top are maxed out at 34-inch and the lowest setting will be 24-inch. Additionally, the deck is measured at 13-inch long and approximately 5.5-inch wide.

As for the age limit, Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe are very much suitable for small children until they are reaching pre-teenage years because both of them are rated to be used at least by 5 years old and up to 12 years old while the weight limit is 110 lbs.

We are sure most of you already have an idea on what setting them apart to each other or whether the difference important or not and yes, they are only pulled apart by the fashion collection because as the new model, Deluxe is made with a more colorful shades to suit your kid’s personal taste. Beside the fashion or cosmetic sides, material or features are the same in both scooters.

Micro Maxi 3 vs Deluxe

- The innovative Micro brand is known by families for its smooth-gliding, long-lasting scooters for children and adults.
- Micro's 3-wheeled Maxi Deluxe LED scooter, with a lean-to-steer design, offers a stable ride that supports children as they curve and carve the sidewalk.. Features two front LED motion-activated light-up wheels. (No batteries required!)
- Incredibly strong (holds up to 110lbs) yet extremely lightweight, perfect for elementary-children; plus an adjustable T-bar (handlebar) grows with children from age 5 up to age 12.
- Duel-injection deck incorporating anti-slip silicone micro logo
- Cool new colors with matching anodized T-bars
- The smoothest, quietest lean-to-steer scooter

All in all, Micro Maxi 3 and Deluxe are more like an identical scooter with different fashion thus, we can choose any model with eased mind. However, if your kid is not very fussy about their scooter colors, we do recommend Micro Maxi 3 original because it is cheaper.