Micro Mini Deluxe vs Original Kick

Apparently, since you are now reading this article, you are now struggling to choose the best scooter model for your child. Micro Mini has produced Micro Mini Deluxe and Micro Mini Original, and both of these two models are suitable for toddlers and children from two to five years old. So, what are the differences between Micro Mini Deluxe vs Original kick scooters? The following comparisons will guide you in determining the most suitable kick scooter model for your child. Continue reading!

First of all, let’s see the price difference between Micro Mini Deluxe vs Original kick scooters. These two models are actually quite affordable and budget-friendly. You can get either of them with a budget of less than a hundred bucks. However, of the two, Micro Mini Original is the more affordable one. It is cheaper than Micro Mini Deluxe by about ten dollars. That’s not so much of a difference, and that’s actually very scalable, but you definitely don’t want to spend extra money for something that you don’t need or use. So, let’s see continue.

Weight Limit
Before we proceed any further, let’s make sure that the scooter model you choose actually meets the requirements of your child. Micro Mini Original has a maximum weight limit of 20 kg. On the other hand, Micro Mini Deluxe has been built to hold a maximum weight of 35 kg. So, you can say that the Deluxe’s deck is quite stronger and more durable. If your child is on the heavy side, you may want to choose the Deluxe model solely for the higher weight limit.

In general, the Deluxe and the Original have similar sizes. Their decks are about the same size. However, the Deluxe has a sportier look, featuring cool graphics and a stylized, textured deck. On the other hand, the Original looks plain without much decoration. The deck is textured to ensure solid footing and prevent it from becoming slippery.

By the way, the writing on Micro Mini Deluxe’s deck not only acts as a grip tape for secure footing and decoration. It also acts as a unique marker that indicates that you are getting a genuine Micro Mini model.

Both the Deluxe and the Original are available in various color options, such as red, purple, blue, yellow, green, and orange. However, there is a big chance that your child will like the look of the Deluxe better than the Original due to the sportier, more attractive design.

Handle Bar
Perhaps the most significant difference that set Micro Mini Deluxe vs Original kick scooters apart is the handle bar. With Micro Mini Original, you do not get an adjustable handle bar. The height of the handle bar is fixed, though the handle bar is indeed removable. The height of the handle bar is approximately 60.96 cm (24 inches) from the deck. If you really want to change the height of the handle bar, you may need to replace the handle bar altogether and go for modification.

If you want an adjustable handle bar, you definitely should choose Micro Mini Deluxe. With this model, you can change the height of the handle bar to make it more suitable for your child. The minimum handle bar height is 49 cm (19.3 inches), whereas the maximum is 68 cm (26.77 inches). Just like the Original, the Deluxe allows you to pop out the handle bar for compact storage.

The next difference between Micro Mini Deluxe vs Original kick scooters is the stem. Micro Mini Original comes with an aluminum handlebar stem. Generally speaking, aluminum has good corrosion resistance, but not great. It will eventually get corroded. The corrosion will create an oxide layer that actually protects the aluminum from further corrosion, but it does not look good.

On the other hand, Micro Mini Deluxe comes with an anodized stem that resists corrosion better. It will look new for a longer time, and it is also much easier to clean. Since it does not get affected by water and moisture, you can easily clean it using a damp cloth and some water.

Of course, just like Micro Mini Original, Micro Mini Deluxe still comes with the three-wheel scooter design. Such design is very important for toddlers and children, who are just starting to learn to control their coordination and motor skills. With three wheels, the child does not have to balance the scooter to get on and off, greatly minimizing the chance of falling or slipping down. Hence, both models are secure and safe for toddlers and children.

Again, Micro Mini Deluxe retains the Original’s wheel design. It has two wheels on the front and one on the rear. The front wheels are 120 mm, whereas the rear wheel is 80 mm. All wheels are made from polyurethane for ruggedness and durability on all kinds of terrain.

We have seen the differences between these two models in terms of features. However, is Micro Mini Deluxe really good? Well, it is just as good as Micro Mini Original, if not better. Since it retains much of Micro Mini Original’s design, it also offers similar performance. Interestingly, it is also as lightweight, making it very easy to handle. Your child will not find much trouble to lift the scooter confidently.

Both Original and Deluxe promotes the lean and steer scooting style. It encourages your child to lean in the direction that they want to go. This steering technique helps to build the child’s coordination and motor skills. Both models ride very smoothly.

Replacement Parts
Every single part of both Micro Mini Original and Micro Mini Deluxe is replaceable. You can find the individual replacement parts on their website, which is available 24/7. This is perhaps one of the biggest selling points of Micro Mini’s scooters. It is easy to maintain the scooter in good shape for a long time if you can replace any broken part.

- Adjustable T-bar accommodates children as they grow
- Fun deck colors with matching anodized T-bars
- The smoothest, quietest lean-to-steer scooter
- Highest-rated scooter for 2-5 year olds
- Children love the fun, safe, lean-to-steer design
- Smooth, quiet ride with non-marking wheels

Due to the marginal price difference between these two models, we recommend you to choose Micro Mini Deluxe. It has a better build quality, with an anodized handlebar stem and a more durable deck. It also has a sportier design that children will definitely love. Finally, the adjustable handle bar is an excellent feature that allows you to easily adjust the height for your child.