Nanrobot X4 vs Xiaomi M365

Walking is healthy and save more fuel for a short trip within minutes but if the distance is longer or taking more energy, riding an electric scooter like Nanrobot X4 Vs Xiaomi M365 can be a nice option for those who need to move fast within the same area. They are made for adults with bigger capacity and speed but still very comfortable for traveling within the city yet, before deciding to get one of them, see which model will fit you the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Riding an Electric Scooter
– What to Look in an Electric Scooter
– What are Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365
– What Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 Look Like
– How are the Speed and Mileage of Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365
– How are the Brakes on Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365
– What else Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 can offer
– Are Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 Comfortable
– Nanrobot X4 Vs Xiaomi M365

Electric Scooter
For people who are living in an urban area, moving around the neighborhood can be another issue because in packed city sometimes walking will take more time and energy, moreover if the place is too far for a quick walk but then again also too close to take the bus. Some of us utilize foldable bike due to its small size and great maneuverability but it will require energy to pedal and not all cities are friendly with cyclists nor have dedicated path for you.

With the need to move fast and effective but limited by distance and narrow roads, electric scooter seems to be one of the most convenient choice for your transportation needs because they are basically our kick scooter but now with power. We are sure some of you ever ridden one before and the fact that today’s adults are more forgiven for riding this type of transportation tool is fresh. Many people are using electricity powered scooter to move around an area without spending too much energy.

It is very ideal if you often travel in short distance or for example the parking area in your neighborhood is too far from your office or house so then we can not only move with less energy but also faster. If you ever ride one in the past, the electric or kick scooter type, one of the best things of riding one is the fun itself and in our opinion this is also one of the main reasons why lots of adults are interested in electric scooter.

Electric Scooter Features
However, before you going to shop for one, it is necessary to consider the capabilities of the unit because not all of them will be the same and with the amount of choice available, we may need some more time to get the best option. Electric scooters are usually made without a saddle so users have to stand on the panel but some models does have one and we can pick anyone for it doesn’t affect the performance. What you may want to consider is the battery and speed.

Battery will decide how long your scooter can roll and all of us must want the one that can travel for longer. It also affects the speed because the faster we ride usually battery will drain faster as well. Brakes is a must and there are several types of brakes commonly found on electric scooter as well but each one of them have their own pros and cons so pick wisely. Additionally scooter must be comfortable and one of the key is air filled big tire.

About Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365
With more people want to live and move around conveniently, it seems that electric scooter is no longer a niche item to have anymore or chances there are also people in your area riding one around. The new trend also shapes market and this way we have better competition as well as cheaper products because electric scooters are commonly expensive except those nice budget version like Gotrax Gxl Vs Gxl V2. But, price often mirror the unit and expensive scooter mostly have better features as well.

Today we have quite the options to pick but if you are looking for those in the middle or scooter that are not budget friendly but will not cost you an arm and leg as well, Nanrobot and Xiaomi are two companies that also offer a very reliable scooter for your daily activities. These names should not surprise you anymore because they are very popular but the latter sure confusing since most of us recognize them as a smartphone and its peripherals company yet, in fact they are more like technology based company

They have some models in the catalogue and among them are the X4 and M365 will be a very ideal choice to check out. Both of them are placed in the mid-range of electric scooter with some interesting features and of course high level of comfort. The X4 from Nanrobot itself is actually included on the brand’s low-end models compared to many of its brothers and being designed as well as made by the high-end electric scooters, we don’t have to doubt the quality anymore.

Comparing the two, it is easy to conclude that the X4 scooter from Nanrobot is a higher model than what we get from Xiaomi but it is also not surprising since this unit is far cheaper and more similar to Ninebot. For starters the former is packed with much power, the level that we can’t get on budget items and for those who are not worrying about the price, we do see this model will become a more convenient and reliable choice.

Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 Design
From the shape, Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 are similar just like any other electric scooters out there with a straight handlebar and a wide flat riding board. They are also foldable to be more compact and what’s unique with Nanrobot X4 is this scooter will also allow you to fold the handlebar so we don’t have to deal with it getting stuck or get in your way when transported. Additionally, we also love the fact that its handlebar post is adjustable up to 149 cm.

Aesthetically speaking, these scooters are looking very nice with mostly black painting and with some details in red especially in Xiaomi which makes the scooter looks simple yet elegant. They have headlamp for when you ride at night but this lamps are positioned differently because as you can see, M365 has it on top and the former has it above the front tire cover. As for the weight, in comparison X4 is heavier for about 6 pounds more than Xiaomi.

Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 Speed and Mileage
When looking for an electric scooter, the first thing you may want to know is their power and similarly these models are single drive motor to spin the rear wheel and the one used by Nanrobot is overall stronger because this scooter when ridden by person in medium weight can reach maximum speed up to 20 MPH which is very rare in mid-range scooter since it will consume pretty much more battery as well but, it seems that the company is confident in delivering 25 miles distance with this model.

For the Xiaomi M365, this scooter is by no means slow because on average it can be pushed up to 15 MPH to take you anywhere within the distance and with full battery, we are expected to ride the scooter up to 18.6 miles. Additionally, there are few gears in these models from low to high for a smooth transition.

Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 Brakes
Another important point when looking for a scooter is the brakes because it is crucial for safety both rider and other people. In Xiaomi we are getting both front and rear brake with the front being electric and rear with disc for better and fast responding stopping system. On the other hand Nanrobot has rear hub brake which is also very responsive but it seems there are people reporting about squeaky noises when activating this brake. Additionally, the rear light will lit up whenever brake is engaged.

Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 Feature
Moving further, let’s talk about the feature in Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 because in general the former is more interesting with a complete display to show you some stats unlike on the cheaper model which only designed with LED light to show the battery level. Here in X4, we get a narrow display mounted on the handlebar and this display will show you the amount of juice left for the journey, mileage, and then gear position in case you forget.

Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 Comfort
As for comfort, most electric scooters are coming with wide or thick tires and this is what we get from purchasing any of these models as well. In comparison M365 will have a thicker tire because it is 8.5-inches while the X4 is at 8-inches. Both of Xiaomi tires are filled with air but Nanrobot only use air filled tire at the front while the rear tire is solid. This scooter also has suspension on rear wheel for smoother ride against bumpy roads.

Nanrobot X4 and Xiaomi M365 are a nice scooter that will accompany your day whether it is just for strolling around the neighborhood or to take you to the office in case it is not very far. Overall X4 is a more powerful scooter with bigger battery and faster motor to deliver both high speed and long journey. It also has solid rear wheel and suspension when your roads have lots of bumps or potholes. Additionally the handlebar is foldable and the post is adjustable yet, it is also heavier than M365.

Nanrobot X4 vs Xiaomi M365

- :500w single drive, 10.4Ah 48V lithium battery,The front wheel is a wear-resistant pneumatic tire, 8' explosion-proof solid rear tire provide great shock absorption and anti-slip function. and the NANROBOT electric scooter adapts to the roads of different terrains
- :20 mph ride speed, maximum travel range is 25 miles. The charging time is about 3-6 hours.
- :Ultra light weight, easy to fold design, can be placed at home or placed in the trunk of the car. Before folding 43.3H*5.5L*31.5W (inch). Quickly folding mechanism allows folding/unfolding in seconds making it a perfect electric scooter.
- - A 250W motor propels the e-scooter to a max speed of 15.5 MPH. High capacity battery with a maximum travel range of up to 18.6 miles under specific conditions
- -Weighs just 26.9 lbs. Portable folding design for easy storage at home or hand carry when necessary.The sturdy frame is made of aerospace-grade aluminum
- - Features a disc braking and eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system for an efficient, responsive braking distance of just 13.1ft.The large 8.5-inch front

There is no bad choice between these electric scooter since they are equally reliable but, if you don’t mind the price range, the additional features and faster speed in Nanrobot X4 are actually very useful to consider.