Razor A2 vs A3

Even an experienced user may find it difficult to tell the difference between Razor A2 and Razor A3. Both of these two scooters are among the most popular kick scooters on the market right now. These scooters are designed for children and teenagers, standing between the kiddie kick model and the pro model. The Razor brand is now of the most trusted scooter brands in the market. The company has updated their original A series several times since the start of the scooter craze in 1999, and both Razor A2 and Razor A3 are updated models of the original A kick scooter. However, there are several key differences that set Razor A2 vs A3 apart.

Razor A2 and Razor A3 are kick scooters. If you are looking for Razor’s famous RipStik boards, take a look at Ripstik Caster Board vs Ripstik Ripster.

Design and Dimension
Razor A2 is a follow-up to the incredibly popular original A kick scooter. It retains a similar classical aluminum style. However, it has also added a number of new features, such as the springless front suspension. The T-tube and deck are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is lightweight yet highly durable, urethane wheels, and adjustable handle bars. Furthermore, it is coming with a patented folding mechanism; when you are not using the scooter but need to carry it along, you can easily fold down the handle bar to meet with the deck. Thus, it becomes very neat and compact and portable.

When fully unfolded, Razor A2 measures 26.5” x 13” x 34”. The weight is about 6 lbs. It is neither too small nor too big, and it is very lightweight.

On the other hand, Razor A3 is an updated version of the original A kick scooter that is equipped with large wheels and high speed bearings. Of course, just like Razor A2, it also has a springless shock system in the front fork. It also sports aircraft-grade aluminum T-tube and deck, urethane wheels, and adjustable handle bars. It is also foldable.

The total dimensions of Razor A3 are 30” x 13” x 35.5”. Meanwhile, the weight of Razor A3 is about 8 lbs. As you can see, this model is quite bigger. But it is only slightly heavier. It is also very lightweight and easy to carry around.

Color Choices
One of the reasons to the popularity of Razor A2 and Razor A3 is the stylish design. Both these scooters sport very sporty aluminum looks. They don’t look childish at all. These scooters can be used by children just fine, but they are also suitable for older users.

Razor A2 provides more color options. There are five color choices, which are clear/black, green, red, blue, and purple. On the other hand, Razor A3 is only available in four color choices, which consist of clear/black, green, red, and blue. There is no purple version.

Recommended Age and Maximum Weight
When choosing between Razor A2 vs A3, people often mistakenly think that the larger scooter has a higher weight limit. However, this is not true. Having a larger body does not necessarily mean that it is suitable for a heavier user. Both Razor A2 and Razor A3 are recommended for children of at least five years old. Both models also have the same weight limit, which is 143 lbs (about 64.86 kg). With the weight limit, these kick scooters are generally suitable for children and teenagers. Of course, young adults who don’t pass the weight limit can also use these kick scooters.

Notably, the increased size of Razor A3 is indeed beneficial for users with big physicality. So, even though the weight limit is the same, you may still want to consider getting Razor A3 because of the bigger size. It will fit more perfectly for big children and teenagers.

Wheels and Bearings
One of the biggest differences between Razor A2 vs A3 is the wheel size. Razor A2 is equipped with the smaller 98 mm urethane wheels. In addition, it does not have advanced bearings like Razor A3. The bearings are just regular ones.

Meanwhile, Razor A3 is coming with 125 mm urethane wheels. Thanks to the larger wheels, this kick scooter can roll much easier and faster, and it is also able to smooth down road impacts and vibrations more effectively.

Furthermore, it is also equipped with ABEC-5 bearings. You are probably unfamiliar with the ABEC rating; that is actually an industry accepted standard to measure the tolerances of bearings. In general, ABEC-1 and ABEC-3 are suitable for children because these are the smoothest and slowest. Meanwhile, professional scooters are usually equipped with ABEC-7 or ABEC-9 bearings because those bearings are the fastest. Even so, ABEC-9 bearings are also known to be more difficult to control.

These ABEC-5 bearings are middle-grade bearings that combine control and comfort and performance in balance. This model is an excellent model if you don’t want to compromise any of those three essential factors. The ABEC-5 bearings allow smoother movements and faster speeds.

Price Difference
Of course, one of the biggest concerns when choosing between Razor A2 vs A3 is the price. Even though these two models are both considered affordable and budget friendly, the price difference is quite significant. You can get Razor A2 with a budget of less than forty dollars. On the other hand, in order to get Razor A3, you need a budget of at least sixty dollars.

Both Razor A2 and Razor A3 are protected by a limited factory warranty. This warranty only guarantees that the product is free of manufacturing defects, and does not cover normal wear and tear. The warranty period is 6 months, starting from the date of purchase. Nevertheless, you need to know the 22-character product ID code in order to contact the manufacturer for warranty assistance as well as for replacement parts.

- Original kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum with red highlights
- Patented T-tube and deck design folds conveniently for transport
- 98 mm inline-style urethane wheels with spring less shock system
- Classic kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum
- 125 mm inline-style urethane wheels with springless shock-absorbing system
- Features patented rear fender brake for quick stops; and all-new wheelie bar design

For children, Razor A2 is fine. It is small enough to fit the small physicality of a kid, and it has good build quality. However, teenagers and more serious users may want to choose Razor A3 instead, which has a larger size. The bigger wheels and ABEC-5 bearings will allow higher speeds and smoother, more comfortable rides.