Razor A4 vs A3

Razor A4 and Razor A3 are folding scooters that are suitable for a wide range of users. In a glance, these two models look quite similar. So, which one is actually better? Read the comparison between Razor A4 vs A3 below to find out which scooter model that gives a better value for the money.

This article will discuss further about:
– The dimensions and weight of Razor A4 and Razor A3
– The available color choices of each scooter
– The build quality and durability of each scooter
– The distinctive features of Razor A4 vs A3
– The performance comparison of Razor A4 and Razor A3
– Which scooter that is generally more recommended

First of all, these two models come with different dimensions. The handlebar of Razor A4 is slightly taller, as it measures 36.75 inches from top to bottom, so it is suitable for taller users. In addition, the handlebar is also slightly wider. It measures 13.5 inches wide. However, the deck is actually shorter than that of Razor A3. It measures 27 inches long. See also: Fuzion CityGlide vs Razor A5.

On the other hand, Razor A3 has a slightly shorter height, which is 35.5 inches. The total width is 13 inches. The deck is long, as the total length of the scooter is 27 inches. However, some of the additional inches come from the wheelie bar on the rear, so the actual space on the deck isn’t much different from Razor A4.

Both Razor A4 vs A3 are very lightweight. They both are very portable. Children can easily bring these scooters around. However, the weight difference between the two models is rather marginal. Razor A4 is slightly lighter at 7.5 lbs, whereas Razor A3 is a little bit heavier at 8 lbs.

Color Choices
If you want your scooter to come in a particular color that is not black, Razor A4 will not satisfy you. This model is only available in one color, which is black. Nevertheless, the scooter does look classy and stylish. The thick handle grips are black, and so does the top surface of the deck. Most of the frame actually has a shiny metallic color. So, unless you really don’t like black, there is no reason to dislike Razor A4’s look.

On the other hand, Razor A3 comes with more colorful options. This model is probably a better choice if you really want a scooter that isn’t black. There are 4 color choices in total, which are red, green, blue, and black. So, you can choose your favorite color here.

Just like Razor A4, most of the frame of Razor A3 actually has a metallic color. It is just the handle grips, deck, and wheels that are colored. In fact, the black variant of Razor A3 looks very similar to Razor A4, except that the top of the deck is not fully colored. So, Razor A3 also looks stylish. Not to mention that the metallic color adds a sturdy appearance to the scooter.

In terms of build quality, both Razor A4 vs A3 scooters are well-built. Both scooters here have aircraft-grade aluminum T-tubes and decks, and they feel very sturdy and durable. They are also fitted with high-quality parts. However, these two scooters are apparently designed for different age ranges. They have different maximum weight limits.

Razor A4 is said to be suitable for children of at least 6 years old or above. However, the build quality is very good, as the maximum user weight limit is 220 lbs. In other words, this scooter is also usable by teenagers and adults. The deck is durable enough to hold such users.

On the other hand, Razor A3 is mostly only suitable for children and perhaps early teenagers. According to the manufacturer, the scooter is suitable for children of at least 5 years old or above. However, the maximum user weight limit is only 143 lbs. The deck is durable, it is just the deck isn’t designed for adult users.

These two scooters, despite coming from the same product line, are fitted with different features. Because of this, depending on your purpose, either Razor A4 or Razor A3 will be more suitable.

Each of the two models here comes with the company’s patented rear fender brake. This fender brake is very easy to use. The rider only needs to step on the rear of the scooter in order to slow down and stop. In addition, both models here come with urethane wheels that are tough and durable. The wheels can go through practically any terrain.

Razor A4 is designed to withstand heavy-duty usage. In addition to the ultra-strong deck construction, it also features a double-stacked head-tube clamp to provide extra strength and durability. As a result, Razor A4 becomes a scooter that can withstand any kind of rigorous use.

Razor A4 also comes with a pair of extra-thick foam grips that are incredibly comfortable. Besides enhancing the user’s comfort, the extra-thick grips also provide additional protection for your palms. In addition, we have mentioned about the fully colored deck. Well, this is not just a color. It is actually a full-deck grip tape that provides traction to the rider’s feet. As a result, the rider can stand confidently on the deck without any risk of slipping.

On the other hand, Razor A3 is more oriented towards comfort. It doesn’t have the double-stacked head-tube clamp or full-deck grip tape, but it has a spring-less shock system on the front fork to reduce road bumps. It also has ABEC-5 bearings to ensure a smooth ride. There is a wheelie bar, but this isn’t a very useful feature.

In terms of performance, Razor A4 and Razor A3 are similar. Both scooters can accelerate well and smoothly. They both are very lightweight, so maintaining your pace with either scooter should be easy. Both scooters’s wheels are smooth and nice.

However, it should be noted that Razor A4 has been tested thoroughly by Razor’s professional team. This is to ensure that the performance is really good and the durability is strong enough to withstand heavy stress and impact. Razor A3, on the other hand, hasn’t been tested by such professional team. Nevertheless, although the scooter is good enough for some tricks, Razor A3 is not suitable for performing heavy stunts.

Razor A4 vs A3

- Designed and tested by pro-riders with durability and performance in mind
- Built of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum with a double-stacked head tube clamp for added extra strength
- 98mm urethane wheels equipped with ABEC-5 high-speed bearings
- Features the classic patented folding mechanism and rear brake that riders love
- Also, includes extra-thick foam handles and full-deck grip tape for comfort and control
- Classic kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum
- 125 mm inline-style urethane wheels with springless shock-absorbing system
- Features patented rear fender brake for Quick stops; and all-new wheelie bar design
- Patented folding mechanism makes carrying easy
- Recommended for ages 5 and older; supports riders up to 143 pounds

Between these two models, we recommend you to choose Razor A4, which has a much better build quality. It has been built to be very tough and durable. It is suitable for both children and adults. It is also very comfortable to ride, thanks to the extra-thick grips and full-deck grip tape.