Razor A5 Lux vs A6

Scooters, as we probably are aware of today, were first made when the new century rolled over and turned out to be extremely mainstream with children of all ages. Presently, they are making a rebound and they are not only for children anymore.

In any case, before you go out and purchase any old scooter you can get your hands on, you should realize that not all scooters are made similarly. Regardless of whether you need to ride alongside your children or driving, you should opt for the best adult scooters available in the market.

This time, we have two Razor scooters that are outfitted with enormous haggles handlebars: Razor A5 Lux and Razor A6. The two models are feasible alternatives for children and grown-ups because of their larger than average measurements. 


From 2000 to nowadays, Razor became a producer which has on their disposal scooters, electric scooters, bikes, go-karts, mopeds, self-adjusting bikes (hoverboards), skateboards, skates and trikes, junior rides. What is the most significant is the way that Razor has everything for everybody and this is something you cannot state for some other producer.

In this way, let us keep an eye on the comparison of Razor A5 Lux vs A6 below to discover which one of these two is the most appropriate for you.

Razor A5 Lux Overview

Razor A5 Lux scooter for grown-ups is dubbed the best adult scooter. It has a low aluminum deck intended for solace and simplicity when you are set. Read also: Razor A5 vs Carbon Lux

The 200 mm wheels are equipped for supporting as much as 220 pounds. It has a kickstand so you do not need to lay it down when you are finished riding. 

It also has a snappy and simple single-activity folding instrument and just gauges 9.4 pounds as a result of its lightweight aluminum outline. The scooter has movable handlebars and squishy hand grasps to lessen vibration for a progressively satisfying riding experience.

The back wheel has a bumper cover which serves as a brake in the conventional scooter style. It comes in three colors, appropriate for men or women and is an Amazon’s Choice scooter.

Razor A6 Overview

It has the biggest wheels of any of the scooters out there at 254 mm (10 inches) for smooth, quick cruising. The handlebars have a wide tallness alteration (up to 42″) to fit pretty much any rider and supports as much as 240 pounds.

Being a Razor, it has great haggles orientation to assist with decreasing vibrations while you ride. It is accessible in three colors: blue, pink, and red.

The three-activity folding component is anything but difficult to utilize. This enormous wheel bike comes completely amassed with a kickstand, prepared to ride right out of the case. 

However, it does exclude a carrying strap while the back bumper brake gives snappy halting force.

Razor A5 Lux Key Features

Razor A5 Lux is an extremely famous and one of the less expensive choices. It has numerous well known choices in a similar value range, for example, Razor A4 or Razor A3 . Razor A5 Lux was discharged in 2012.

Also, it is 53 USD more affordable than a normal scooter (130 USD). 

Razor A6 Key Features

Razor A6 is an extremely well known choice in the scooters value point. It is in the top three scooters and has many mainstream options in a similar value range, for example, Voyage Light Up Wheels or Razor Pro RDS . 

Razor A6 cost is about equivalent to the cost of the normal scooter (130 USD).

Pros and Cons

Razor A5 Lux:

According to customers’ reviews online, there is no terrible news that is worth your concern. Perhaps it will sound like some kind of an overstatement.

However, that is really the situation with this vehicle. In the event that you buy this scooter, it will go to your place in one piece; just folded.

Strong manufactured, smoothness, style and cool look are fundamental focal points of this scooter. At the point when you unload it, it is pretty much good to go.

Razor A6:

(+) Folding framework is something you would truly appreciate. At the point when you need to ride, unfold it then join the handlebars and secure a screw down. It is easy and practical.

(-) The design is a long way from modern as you may expect

(-) Standing deck could be somewhat greater

Razor A5 Lux vs A6

- Extra-large, urethane wheels provide a super-smooth and comfortable ride
- Super-strong, height adjustable, aluminum T-tube and larger deck supports taller riders
- Easy-adjust handlebars include soft foam grips for enhanced comfort
- Rear-fender brake makes for quick and easy slow and stop when in motion
- Designed and built specifically for taller riders
- Rear-fender brake for an effortless, gliding stop
- Recommended for ages 8 and up; supports riders up to 220 pounds
- Spoked, ultra-large 10” (254 mm) urethane wheels and super-strong

Final Verdict

There are a lot of decisions of electric and customary scooters available. You are for the most part acquainted with new carbon fiber, overly light, quick choices out there which are, coincidentally, way more costly than you used to know. 

Along these lines, you have the opportunity to pick, and we are here to make a point that Razor models could be an incredible decision. Whether you are looking for electric scooters or standard ones, Razor always produces the best scooters in the market which you should definitely check out.

We know that beside Razor A5 Lux scooter, Razor A6 is the subsequent choice if you need a scooter for adults. There are two main contrasts or should we say enhancements.

Greater haggles clatter folding component. While you ride, those two highlights will give you smoother, agreeable, and calmer ride.

In the event that those things are critical to you, do not burn through your time, pick Razor A6. However, remember that if you are into the advanced style, you might be struggling while at the same time riding this bike and viewing your appearance in the window. 

Then again, if you need an amazing scooter for adults with slightly lower price, go for Razor A5 Lux. That is it, all that you completely should know before purchasing a scooter to say the very least. 

Since you have a better comprehension of the superb universe of scooters, you can now authoritatively arrange to buy your own. When you have discovered the ideal one, you will be ready to kick and fold your way into the dusk in style.