Razor A5 vs A6

This time, we have two Razor scooters that are equipped with large wheels and adjustable handlebars: Razor A5 and Razor A6. Both models are viable options for teenagers and adults, thanks to their oversized dimensions. Continue reading the comparison of Razor A5 vs A6 below to find out which one that is the most suitable for you!

We are going to discuss with great detail about:
– The design and build quality of each model
– The overall dimensions of Razor A5 and Razor A6
– The distinctive features of each model
– The performance of Razor A5 vs A6
– Which scooter that will give you a better value for the money

Design and Color Choices
At first, there doesn’t seem to be a difference between Razor A5 and Razor A6 besides the colors. Well, both scooters are really well-built, rugged, and durable. But there are actually several things that set them apart, although these are just minor differences. See also: Razor A vs A3.

Razor A5  is currently available in three color choices, which are Blue, Red, and Pink. It has more options than its sibling here, Razor A6. Since the options are more colorful, it can be a great choice for kids, teenagers, and adults.

Razor A6 only has two color choices, which are White and Silver. Both options have some parts that are colored in black. Unlike Razor A5, this model does not have colorful options, so it may be somewhat less attractive in the eyes of kids. Some teenagers and adults may actually prefer these color choices, which look more mature.

Both models are well-built and very durable. Their decks and T-tubes are made from aircraft-grade aluminum. This material is lightweight yet very strong and durable. In addition, both Razor A5 vs A6 scooters have an anodized finish which ensures that the surfaces won’t corrode. The anodized finish also makes the surfaces easy to clean.

Size and Weight
Despite the looks and features, if you put Razor A5 and Razor A6 side by side, it is clear that they have different dimensions. Razor A5 is a little bit smaller, whereas Razor A6 is a little bit larger. The differences in their dimensions mean that these scooters are designed for different age ranges.

Razor A5 measures 21 inches long, but the deck length that will accommodate your feet is only 13 inches. The deck width is about 4.5 inches. Meanwhile, the handlebar width measures approximately 18 inches. The handlebar height is adjustable up to 38 inches (the total height including the front wheel when measured from the ground is 41 inches). This scooter has 8-inch wheels.

With such dimensions, Razor A5 can be suitable for older kids and teenagers. It is also suitable for young adults that aren’t very tall or large.

Razor A6 is quite larger. It is slightly longer. It has a deck length of about 13.4 inches, and it is equipped with 10-inch wheels. The deck width remains pretty much similar, so does the handlebar width. However, the handlebar height is adjustable up to 42 inches when measured from the ground.

Because of the larger dimensions, Razor A6 is not suitable for children. The handlebar will be too wide, and the scooter will be difficult to handle. This scooter is more suitable for teenagers and adults who need a practical and portable transportation method for going to school or work.

Height and Weight Limits
According to their specifications, Razor A5 vs A6 actually have similar age recommendations and weight limits. They don’t have height limits, but their adjustable handlebars should give you some ideas about the suitable user heights.

Each scooter here is said to be suitable for a kid of at least 8 years old. However, since these scooters are pretty big, they are more suitable for older children, except if the child is quite tall or large. Each of them has a maximum weight limit of 220 lbs, so they should be able to accommodate most adults.

Again, the maximum height difference is an important factor to consider. Razor A5 has a maximum handlebar height of 41 inches, so it will remain usable for a long time – it can be used by an adult who is not too tall. Razor A6 has a maximum handlebar height of 42 inches, so this model is a decent choice for a taller user.

Other Features
Razor A5 is actually available in two versions; the first one has a kickstand while the second one doesn’t have a kickstand. So, when choosing this scooter, you should make sure that the product that you choose does come with a kickstand. Without a kickstand, it will be difficult to leave the scooter in a standing position. Razor A6, on the other hand, comes with a kickstand.

Both models are foldable. You can find the folding mechanism located on the area where the handlebar meets the deck. The folding is easy and quick. It will allow you to carry your scooter in a portable and practical way.

We have mentioned about the adjustable handlebar above. In addition, both models have soft handle grips that make them very comfortable to use. Both models are equipped with the patented rear fender brakes. When you want to slow down or stop, you just need to put a foot on the rear part of the deck. This is very quick and efficient.

Speed and Performance
Performance-wise, both Razor A5 and Razor A6 are generally great. Both scooters can glide very smoothly. There are just slight differences.

Due to the smaller wheels, Razor A5 can start moving a little bit more easily. However, the acceleration and maximum speed aren’t as high as Razor A6. Still, the overall performance is great, as the scooter glides very smoothly when running on a well-paved road.

On the other hand, due to the larger wheels, Razor A6 may take some more effort to push forward and get moving. However, it has better acceleration and maximum speed. In addition, the overall performance is really smooth.

Obviously, these scooters are not designed for off-road terrains. They are only suitable for smooth surfaces. While the decks and wheels are quite durable, they will vibrate too much when taken to a harsh, rough terrain.

Razor A5 vs A6

- New anodized finish with kick stand. Ages: 8 and up. Max Rider Weight- 220 pounds
- Super-strong aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deck
- Features Razor tallest handlebars, adjustable up to an incredible height of 42" (1067 mm), and extra-long 13.4" (340 mm) deck for more foot room
- Spoked, ultra-large 10 inch (254 mm) urethane wheels and super-strong, aluminum frame with new, patent-pending, anti-rattle handlebars and folding mechanism, ensure the smoothest, quietest ride around

In general, Razor A6 is more recommended, especially for a teenager or adult. It has an adjustable handlebar with a higher maximum height. It also has larger wheels which will allow better performance.