Razor Berry vs Razor A

Razor’s scooters became extremely popular in 2000, right after Dan Green performed and landed the first backflip ever. Since then, Razor has continuously built up their success and fame on the market. The company has produced a variety of scooter models. But, still, people can’t forget the legendary Razor A scooter, which was the very first Razor scooter and hence often nicknamed “the Old A”. Over the years, Razor A has been improved to be even better. Below, we are going to see the comparisons between Razor Berry vs Razor A.

Razor Berry is currently available in the same price range as Razor A. The two models are similar that they are both foldable and they come with urethane wheels. So, which one is actually the best for the money? See the comparisons below to find the answer!

Razor Berry is a slightly smaller scooter. Compared to Razor A, you can notice that the deck is shorter and narrower. In addition, the handle bar is also not as tall. So, you can say that the size is only suitable for children and teenagers. But, then again, Razor Berry is actually a heavier scooter at 7.4 lbs. This is because the frame is constructed from steel.

On the other hand, Razor A is a little bit bigger and wider and taller. Even so, it is also more lightweight at 5 lbs, thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum construction. As the effect, Razor A is suitable for a wider range of users, and it is even more portable due to the lightweight nature. For adult users, consider Razor A2 vs A3.

Color Choices
Razor Berry vs Razor A come with different color choices. Razor Berry is a more colorful product, as each of the color choices combines more than one colors. There are three color choices: Pink/Purple with light blue wheels, Green/Yellow with yellow wheels, and Blue with red wheels. In general, such colorful design is only suitable for children; older users may prefer less colorful options.

Razor A definitely looks more elegant and professional. Most of the scooter is left with a metallic color, with color touches onhe grips, deck, and wheels. There are seven color choices: Clear, Clear/Black, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, and Sweet Pea – this one has more pink color.

Build Quality
We have stated above that Razor Berry is constructed from steel, whereas Razor A is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Although steel is a very sturdy material, Razor Berry is not very durable. The frame is prone to moisture and rust, especially if not regularly maintained. Razor A is much more durable because aluminum is virtually immune to moisture and rust. Besides the fact that the surface is well-polished, aluminum itself doesn’t rust. Instead, when exposed to moisture, it forms a strong aluminum oxide layer that further protects the metal underneath.

Furthermore, their decks are also made from different materials. Razor Berry has a plastic deck. Yes, that’s just as bad as it sounds. Of all durable materials available, why plastic? Interestingly, Razor Berry is also rated for the same weight limit as Razor A, which is 143 lbs. To be fair, the plastic deck indeed feels rugged. But plastic has less chance to survive a crash, and it is much easier to wear down.

Razor A comes with a deck that is constructed from the same material as the frame, aircraft-grade aluminum. For sure, it looks much better. It also feels much more solid and sturdy. Aluminum is indeed stronger and doesn’t wear off easily.

Handle Bar Height
When choosing between Razor Berry vs Razor A, you have to remember that the Berry’s handle bar is not adjustable. This is a big problem if the height is not suitable for you or if you want to give it to your growing child. Razor Berry’s handle bar height is only suitable for users with small physicality. People who are around 4’ tall will find the height comfortable enough, but people around 5’ tall will find it too short.

On the other hand, Razor A features an adjustable handle bar. This is a very useful feature. It will allow you to adapt the height to suit your particular height. It has a quick-release lever for easy height adjustment; simply slide the lever open and slide the handle bar to the desired position. After that, lock the lever back into place, and you are ready to go.

Folding Mechanism
Although both of these two models are foldable, their folding mechanisms are different. Razor Berry has a non-folding rigid down tube. In other words, only the handle bar folds down. The tube does not fold. Why did Razor create such useless design? Nobody knows for sure. It doesn’t fold as neat and compact as Razor A.

On the other hand, Razor A features a patented folding mechanism. The down tube folds down along with the handle bar. The front wheel also shifts slightly upwards when folded. Such design allows the scooter to fold into a slimmer, more compact form.

Wheels and Bearings
Finally, the difference between Razor Berry vs Razor A comes down to the wheels and bearings. Razor Berry is equipped with the smaller 95 mm urethane wheels. In addition, it is equipped with cheap bearings. This is just a simple scooter that won’t perform much.

Meanwhile, Razor A is definitely a viable option for some tricks and performance. It is armed with the slightly larger 98 mm wheels, along with ABEC-5 bearings. Although pro scooters usually use ABEC-7 or ABEC-9 bearings, the ABEC-5 bearings can be good if you want to balance comfort, control, and performance. It is able to accelerate to higher speeds while still being easy to control.

- Folding handlebars with foam grips
- Razor Berry Scooters feature fun colors, bright plastic decks, and vibrant wheels
- Lightweight steel frame, handlebar and fork construction
- Original kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum
- Patented t-tube and deck design folds conveniently for transport
- 98 mm inline-style urethane wheels with ABEC 5 bearings

Between these two products, we highly recommend you to choose Razor A. It has much better design, features, and build quality. It has an adjustable handle bar which allows you to fit the height properly, and the aluminum frame and deck are lightweight yet very durable. It is equipped with larger wheels and high-quality ABEC-5 bearings for balanced comfort, control, and performance.