Razor E100 vs E125

For parents who desire to give presents to their kids, especially at special events such as Christmas or maybe birthday celebration, you can take electric scooter from Razor as an alternative. Razor electric scooters make it easy and exciting to get you where you’re going. If you are still confused to choose what kind of scooter and how, we will help you to choose the best electric scooter between Razor E100 vs E125 . There you go.

Razor E100
Ready to have fun? Now you can enjoy powerful fun at speeds up to 10 MPH. A perennial award winner since its introduction in 2003, the E100 Razor electric scooter keeps you on the move for up to 40 minutes of continuous use. Features include a chain-driven motor, a twist-grip throttle and thumb-trigger acceleration. Scoot around town in style on this Razor electric scooter. Razor E100 is the excitement of energy fulfills technologically advanced technology with this kid sized. The environmentally-friendly electric power engage an excellent quiet chain driven motor which is great for your kids.

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Razor E125
The Razor E125 is the perfect entry level electric scooter for kids 8+. Features a powerful electric engine with speeds up to 10mph. Up to 40min continuous use on fully charged battery. New chain driven motor and twist grip design. Boasting a chain-driven, high-torque motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle, the E125 is the perfect device for per-teens and teens wanting to zip over to a friend’s house or head to the park. And thanks to the long-life rechargeable battery, which takes about eight hours to fully charge, riders can cruise for up to 40 minutes at a stretch. Other details include a folding handlebar mechanism for easy storage and transport, an 8-inch pneumatic front tire and 4.9-inch polyurethane rear wheel, and a hand-operated front brake.

- Boasting a high-torque, ultra-quiet chain-driven motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle
- High-performance motor with speeds up to 12mph
- Powered by a long lasting rechargeable 24V Seal battery system
- Initial charge time: 12 hours. Charge the battery prior to us
- Scooter includes with a UL Approved battery charger, and all the tools needed for its light assembly
- Razor E125 Motorized 24-Volt Rechargeable Electric Scooter
- Fun at speeds of up to 10 MPH
- Up to 40 minutes of continuous use on a fully charged battery
- Twist Grip throttle acceleration control and hand operated front brake
- Retractable kickstand keeps the unit upright when not in use

The difference between the razor electric E125 and razor E100 is the razor E100 scooter is definitely belt driven motor and the razor E125 is definitely chain driven. This little scooter is a lot of fun. Both scooter are just the same, you can’t go wrong with this both. If you still confuse which one to pick, you can choose which one that get higher rating on Amazon, in this case E100.