Razor E200 vs E100

If you are confused in choosing between Razor E100 and Razor E200, you have come to the right place. Both Razor E100 and Razor E200 are electric scooters that share quite some similar features. Even so, of course, Razor E200 is priced more expensively than Razor E100. With the price difference, we certainly wonder if the pricier model is really worth the money or not. Continue reading below to see whether you should pick Razor E200 or Razor E100 is actually more suitable.

If you put the two electric scooters side by side, you can immediately tell the distinctions despite the similar shapes and features. To begin with, Razor E200 comes in a light blue color. On the other hand, Razor E100 is usually red, though there are other variants with silver, blue, purple, or pink colors. (See also: Razor E200 vs E250)

Razor E100 is also noticeably smaller than Razor E200. While Razor E100 measures by 32.5” long and 36” tall, Razor E200 has a length of 37” and a height of 42”. In addition, Razor E100 is also significantly lighter than Razor E200. Razor E100 is just 29 lbs, whereas Razor E200 is 40 lbs. With the smaller and lighter body, Razor E100 is ideal for young children. Razor E200 is perhaps too large for them and thus more suitable for teenagers and adults.

Weight Limit and Recommended Users
Of course, the fact that Razor E100 is made for younger children is clearly shown on the weight limit and age recommendation. The scooter can only hold a passenger of up to 120 lbs. It is suitable for children of at least eight years old. Meanwhile, Razor E200’s maximum weight limit is 154 lbs and it is suitable for at least thirteen years old users.

Both models come with all-steel construction. But Razor E100 has a pneumatic front tire and a urethane rear wheel. Razor E200 has pneumatic tires on both the front and rear wheels. Pneumatic tires are generally better than solid urethane wheels because they give a smoother ride.

Power and Performance
Both models are powered by rechargeable batteries. However, Razor E100 is running using a 100-W kick-start motor. The maximum speed is only 10 mph. On the other hand, Razor E200 is armed with a 200-W motor, offering 12 mph top speed. Both models can run continuously for about 40 minutes. Besides the higher top speed, the other advantage of Razor E200 over Razor E100 is that it is easier and more convenient to start.

- Boasting a high-torque, ultra-quiet chain-driven motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle
- High-performance motor with speeds up to 12mph
- Powered by a long lasting rechargeable 24V Seal battery system
- The E100 electric scooter is designed for ages eight and up
- Boasting a high-torque, ultra-quiet chain-driven motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle
- Initial charge time: 12 hours. Charge the battery prior to use

In general, Razor E200 is indeed a better model. It has better features and performance. But, if you are looking for a scooter for a young kid, Razor E100 is perhaps more suitable.