Razor E250 Review: Great Children’s Scooter

If you are currently looking for a decent children’s scooter that your kid can use to have fun or even to go to their school, Razor E250 is a great choice. In this Razor E250 review, we will see what makes the product a good children’s scooter. It has very good build quality and great features. It can be fast enough for children to have fun without being too fast. Continue reading below!

From the design alone, you may already be interested enough about getting Razor E250 for your kid. This model actually belongs to the same family as Razor’s E200 series, except that it comes with a sporty and stylish red color. The shiny red frame definitely looks cool, and there is a good chance that other children may stare at it in wonder. It does not look cheap at all; on the contrary, the construction looks solid, rugged, and classy.

Razor E250 comes with a full-size frame and deck. It measures 37 inches x 16 inches x 42 inches. The size is ideal for most children and young teenagers. It is neither too small nor too big. However, if your kid has a particularly big physicality, you may want to skip this model and consider getting a larger model.

Note that this electric scooter is rather heavy for children. The weight is about 40 lbs. That’s quite heavy for children. Fortunately, an adult can lift such weight without much problem. Besides, the user does not need to lift the scooter all the time; you can simply glide it while holding the handle bars with two hands when taking it out from the garage.

Construction and Build Quality
The next great thing about Razor E250 is the very good build quality. The whole frame and fork are made of steel – which also explains why this scooter is quite heavy. The all-steel construction ensures superior ruggedness and durability. This scooter can easily withstand impacts and usage abuse, which are pretty common challenges when the scooter is used by children.The gloss finish of the frame provides good protection against moisture so that the steel won’t easily catch rust.

Razor E250 has a maximum weight limit of 154 lbs. Frankly, this is just the safest weight limit, as the solid steel construction is able to hold even an average adult without breaking. Still, it is best to follow the recommendations.

The battery compartment and chain-driven motor are properly protected. When choosing an electric scooter for outdoor uses, it is important to pay attention to the protection of the battery and motor. You don’t want these components to develop issues.

Razor E250 is an excellent step-up from toyish kick-scooter. This electric scooter is a lot more fun and convenient to use. Since it is operated by a battery system and chain-driven motor, there is no need for the user to put one of their feet on the ground to kick. You can control the acceleration with the twist-grip control.

In addition, Razor E250 is already equipped with a hand-operated rear brake control. Unlike other scooters which use foot pedals, Razor E250 is easier to use due to the similarity with a bike’s controls. There is a retractable kickstand to keep the scooter standing when not in use.

The 8-inch pneumatic tires are very nice. They are quite durable, and they are able to reduce road impacts to some degree. Well, they are not meant for off-road rides, but they do very well on paved roads.

In the heart of Razor E250 is a powerful high-torque chain-driven motor which is powered by a rechargeable battery system. The motor is able to give speeds up to 12 mph. The acceleration is easily controlled using the twist grip. The great thing is, the acceleration control is precise and responsive.

When choosing an electric scooter, the tricky part is determining whether the top speed is ideal or not. You don’t want your kid to drive too fast and lose control, but you also want to make sure that the scooter can be fun enough and not tedious. For children, the 12 mph top speed is already pretty good. It is quite fun, although it is not very fast. On the good side, it is still easy to control, so it has a lower risk of causing an accident.

Battery Life
The next important thing to consider when choosing an electric scooter is the battery life. Make sure that the scooter can run long enough before needing a recharge. Otherwise it will be a boring stuff that needs more time to recharge than to have fun.

The battery life of Razor E250 is pretty good. It can last for about 30 – 40 minutes per charge. At the maximum speed, it can run for about 8 miles before needing a recharge. This is actually great; many other electric models can’t last as long.

- Boasting a high-torque, ultra-quiet chain-driven motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle - High-performance motor with speeds up to 12mph - Powered by a long lasting rechargeable 24V Seal battery system - Features a hand operated rear brake, spring loaded kickstand, and large 8-inch pneumatic tires for a smooth ride

Razor E250 is a great electric scooter for children. It is suitable for entertainment as well as for going to school, if the location isn’t too far away from your home. The build quality is excellent, and it can be fast enough without giving too much risk. It already comes with a twist-grip acceleration control and hand-operated brake. It can last for about 30 – 40 minutes per charge.

Razor E250 Review: Specifications
– Comes with a full-size frame and deck
– All-steel frame and fork
– Twist-grip acceleration control
– Hand-operated rear brake
– High-torque chain-driven motor
– Speeds up to 12 mph
– Provides a continuous run for up to 40 minutes
– 8” pneumatic tires
– Has a retractable kickstand
– Recommended Age: 13+
– Maximum User Weight: 154lbs
– Product Dimensions: 37” x 16” x 42”
– Product Weight: 40 lbs
– 24V rechargeable battery system (consists of two 12V sealed lead acid batteries)
– Includes the battery charger
– Requires some assembly

Razor E250 Review: Pros
– Solid and durable construction
– Ideal size for children
– Excellent battery life
– Precise hand-operated controlsfor the speed and brake
– The speed is good enough for having fun without being too fast

Razor E250 Review: Price
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