Razor E300 vs E200

An electric scooter is a nice way of having fun sliding around the park. It is simple and easy to be used, yet it’s fun. It can be a nice way to encourage your children to go out and play. If you are now looking for a nice electric scooter suitable for children, you are most probably considering Razor E200 and Razor E300. These two models are popular on the market. They give decent performance and durability, and both are quite budget-friendly. So, what’s the difference between Razor E200 and Razor E300, and which is the scooter that you better choose?

Razor E200 and Razor E300 have many similarities in the looks, but Razor E300 is a little bit bigger and heavier than Razor E200. This is because of the different construction. Razor E200 has a full-size deck and frame, with the whole frame and fork constructed from steel. Razor E200 is designed to be suitable for users of at least thirteen years old. The product’s weight is 40 lbs. On the other hand, Razor E300 comes with a super-sized deck and frame. The larger body makes it suitable for bigger and older users. At the same time, it also has more weight. Both models have pneumatic tires, but Razor E300’s tires are bigger than Razor E200’s tires. Hence, by comparing the bodies alone, we can tell that Razor E200 is more suitable for younger users – the lighter body makes easier portability – whilst Razor E300 is more suitable for bigger and older users. Both models are available in black and blue color choices.

Both models are equipped with a twist-grip acceleration control, a hand-operated rear brake, and a retractable kickstand. The control is nice and responsive. The brake is good and reliable.

As electric scooters, both Razor E200 and Razor E300 operate using built-in batteries. Interestingly, both models can provide up to 40 minutes of continuous use. Both batteries are rechargeable, with a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 24 hours charging time. However, Razor E300’s motor is slightly more powerful, as it can provide up to 15 mph speeds. Razor E200 is limited to 12 mph. Everything else between these two products is similar.

- Speeds up to 15 mph
- Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
- Super-sized deck and frame
- High torque, chain driven motor
Twist-grip acceleration control
- High-performance motor with speeds up to 12mph
- Powered by a long lasting - rechargeable 24V Seal battery system
- Initial charge time: 12 hours. Charge the battery prior to use
- Recharge time: Up to 12 hours, even if the light turns green
- Run time: Up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time

We recommend you to choose Razor E300. The bigger, more durable body will make it usable for a longer time. It can also reach higher speeds than Razor E200.