Razor E300 vs E325

Are you currently confused in choosing between Razor E300 and Razor E325? You have come to the right place! Before you make a random choice, you better get to know more about the differences between these two electric scooter models. At first, Razor E300 and Razor E325 may appear very similar to each other. But there are indeed some distinctions that set them apart. These distinctions can be hard to notice; that’s why it is an excellent idea to look up for some information on the Internet. Continue reading below!

In terms of design, Razor E300 and Razor E325 indeed appear very similar to each other. For the colors, well, each of them is available in several color options. Razor E300 is available in blue and gray, whereas Razor E325 is available navy, silver, and white. The two models have pretty much similar dimensions. Both have metallic construction, ensuring the ruggedness and durability. Razor E300 and Razor E325 are rated to be suitable for children from at least 13 years old and older. The maximum weight capacity is 220 lbs. Both models are equipped with 10” pneumatic tires that roll well and smoothly. The wheels perform very well in muffling road impacts. The super-sized decks and frames are nice and comfortable, even for a bigger physicality. Both Razor E300 and Razor E325 have twist-grip handles for controlling the acceleration. Both also have hand-operated brakes. However, Razor E300 does not fold, whereas Razor E325 folds. As the effect, Razor E325 can be more portable in storage and easier to bring in trips.

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Both Razor E300 and Razor E325 have 24V (two 12V) batteries. However, Razor E300 is said to be able to run continuously for up to 40 minutes. Both recharge quickly, and their batteries hold power well. Razor E325’s battery life is slightly longer at 45 continuous minutes. Even so, as you can see, the difference is not that significant. Both models are operated by high torque, chain driven motors, and still have the same maximum speed, which is 15 mph. They accelerate smoothly and pretty quickly. Besides for children, there are also many people using Razor E300 and Razor E325 for getting to work – park your car on the lot and slide down the road to the office using the scooter.

- Speeds up to 15 mph
- Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
- Super-sized deck and frame
- High torque, chain driven motor
- Electric scooter with extra-large deck frame for older kid/teen riders
- Ultra-quiet chain-drive motor reaches speeds of up to 15 miles per hour
- Extra-wide, smooth-rolling 10-inch pneumatic tires
- Variable speed acceleration; twist-grip throttle

Razor E300 and Razor E325 are very identical to each other. Razor E325 is generally more recommended because of the folding design. Other than that, Razor E300 is just as good.