Razor Hovertrax 2.0 vs 1.0

Razor is indeed known for their scooter and hoverboard products. Because of the popularity, Razor’s models have been widely considered as high-quality items. Now, in the following article, we are going to discuss about Razor’s hoverboard models, which are Razor Hovertrax 1.0 and Razor Hovertrax 2.0. Just like what the names suggest, Razor Hovertrax 1.0 is actually an older model. It is the original hoverboard model that Razor produced. However, the company has released a new model in the form of Razor Hovertrax 2.0. We certainly would like to know if the new model is better than the older one. The truth is, Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has been packed with various more features previously not available on Razor Hovertrax 1.0.

There are a few changes that have been made on Razor Hovertrax 2.0 from Razor Hovertrax 1.0 in terms of design. The most prominent addition would be the head lights. Previously, Razor Hovertrax 1.0 does not have any head light. This disadvantage has become the subject of criticism, considering that head lights can be quite important for use in the night. Many other competitors on the market already come with head lights. The company was aware of that fact, thus Razor Hovertrax 2.0 comes with head lights. The head lights have been aligned with a sporty design, greatly enhancing the look of the hoverboard as well. Other changes include the slightly reshaped upper part and the new textured deck. (Read also: Razor Hovertrax 2.0 vs Swagtron T3)

Besides the addition of the head lights, the other significant addition is the self-balancing technology. The new Hovertrax is able to balance itself, making it much safer and easier to mount and play with. Thanks to the self-balancing feature, too, you are now much less likely to fall from the hoverboard and it is now suitable for younger children of at least 8 years old. The old Hovertrax is rated suitable for at least 13 yeard old users. There are two modes on Razor Hovertrax 2.0, Training Mode and Normal Mode. If you are not used to hoverboards yet, the training mode will allow you to learn using the device safely. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is able to run faster than Razor Hovertrax 1.0. The maximum speed of Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is 8 mph, whereas it is 6 mph on Razor Hovertrax 1.0.

However, the battery life of Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is limited to just about an hour. Razor Hovertrax 1.0 can run for about two hours continuously. The higher speed and head lights are obviously draining the power.

- The world's smartest self-balancing electric scooter, made by Razor, the trusted global leader in electric recreational products
- UL 2272 certified, ensuring that the patented Razor Hovertrax 2.0 meets the industry’s highest electrical safety standards
- Cruising speed of 8+ mph with silent 350-watt motors and a run-time of up to 60 minutes of continuous use for riders up to 220 lbs
- Hovertrax is UL 2272 certified, ensuring it meets or exceeds the industry’s highest electrical safety standards.
- The original hovertrax reacts to your every move to provide superior stabilization
- Frame: Shatter-resistant polymer - Motor: Silent, dual hub motors with gyro sensor technology - Steering: Foot controlled, seamless maneuvering

In general, we recommend you to choose Razor Hovertrax 2.0. It has better features and design. However, if you need a longer battery life, then Razor Hovertrax 1.0 is still worth a shot, considering the better battery life.