Razor Jetts vs Neon Street Rollers

So, your child loves to skate. They really enjoy the sensation of gliding through the hallway on the wheels under their heels. However, skates aren’t the most convenient thing in the world. Skates are bulky and heavy, and you will have to spare some time swapping between indoor and outdoor wheels. There are also shoes with built-in wheels, but your child has probably outgrown such shoes quickly. So, what does make Razor Jetts vs Neon Street Rollers stand out?

Razor Jetts and Neon Street Rollers are both wall-breaking designs that enable your child to skate regardless of their growing shoe size. Razor Jetts and Neon Street Rollers are clip-on skates – or heel wheels, if you prefer. By clipping the skates to your child’s sneakers, they will be able to conveniently continue skating. Simply take the skates off when going into the home. Awesome, isn’t it? Below, we are going to discuss further about the comparisons between Razor Jetts and Neon Street Rollers. Continue reading!

Color Choices
Let’s start from the easy part. Razor Jetts vs Neon Street Rollers clip-on skates come with different color choices. Razor, the company that produces the legendary Razor Berry vs Razor A scooters, provides two color choices, which are green and purple. However, both of these two color choices are dominated by black, with just the green/purple parts on the sides and wheels. Additionally, both of the two color choices have light blue lines around the wheels. Razor Jetts’ design is very sporty and stylish, so older teenagers wouldn’t mind wearing them as well.

On the other hand, Neon Street Rollers is available in three color choices: blue, green, and pink. In general, Neon Street Rollers’ models are more colorful.

Design and Feature
These two products have very different designs and features. In addition to the sporty and stylish design, Razor Jetts is somewhat minimalist. There is just a simple yet durable strap on the top to keep the skate snatched properly to your sneaker. The side walls are tall enough to ensure that the skate will never slip off from the sneaker, regardless of the shoe size. They also fit very well.

But the most interesting feature of Razor Jetts would be the sparkling heel stop bars. After sliding and gliding at a high speed, you can brake and stop by leaning the foot backwards so that the heel part scratches the ground. When doing so, it sparks! The sparkling effect is seriously cool. It looks as if you were skating at a blazing speed. Well, that’s really cool, but, unfortunately, the sparkling part of the skate wears down fairly quickly, which is not surprising because it literally scratches the ground. On the good side, the spark pads are replaceable.

On the other hand, Neon Street Rollers clip-on skates are noticeably smaller. The bottom plate is much smaller, which may translate into less stability. But the top plate that loops over the foot is pretty wide, ensuring a proper and solid fit.

No, unlike Razor Jetts, Neon Street Rollers clip-on skates do not spark. In fact, these skates do not really have heel blades to help braking; you only rely on your sneaker’s sole. But there is also a special feature: each of the wheels is actually equipped with five LED lights that glow whenever it starts moving. These LED lights do not require any battery, they are powered by the motion of the wheel.

Recommended Age and Weight Limit
The next thing that you have to consider in choosing between Razor Jetts vs Neon Street Rollers is the weight limit. Even though both of these two models are recommended for ages 6 and above, their weight limits are different. Razor Jetts has a higher weight limit than Neon Street Rollers.

Razor Jetts is suitable for a user with a weight of up to 220 pounds (99.79 kg). That’s quite high. It practically means that the Razor Jetts skates are suitable for teenagers, and perhaps some young adults. It also means that the skates are more durable.

On the other hand, Neon Street Rollers has a lower weight limit. It is only suitable for a user of up to 132 lbs (about 60 kg). With such weight limit, Neon Street Rollers is generally only suitable for children and teenagers.

Razor Jetts vs Neon Street Rollers have different wheels. In general, Razor Jetts has the better wheels, which are more robust and durable.

Razor Jetts is equipped with proprietary 50 mm urethane wheels. The outside part of the wheel is rubber, ensuring that the wheel will not damage the floor of your home. In addition, it has sealed bearings, so moisture and humidity will not damage them. The wheels move very smoothly and quietly, and able to reach decent speeds.

On the other hand, Neon Street Rollers has plastic wheels. On the good side, many users have said that the wheels do not damage their hardwood floors. In addition, the wheels are also quite rugged. The wheels also move quietly. However, the manufacturer does not state whether the bearings are sealed or not, so you can’t really expect them to be as durable as Razor Jetts.

Razor Jetts is equipped with a limited warranty. The warranty period is 6 months from the purchase date, and the warranty only covers manufacturing defects. Note that the wheels are not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. It is void if the clip-on skates are used for any other purpose than recreation or transportation, modified, or rented.

On the other hand, Neon Street Rollers does not clearly state whether it has a warranty or not. Apparently, it does not have any factory warranty. But you may get a warranty or return period from the reseller.

- Get your spark on with the high-flying jetts by Razor
- Just step up, strap down and take off with these easily adjustable and always awesome heel wheels
- Just skate, Glide, and dance and watch the light follow you along the way
- You can personalize your own look so your neon street rollers can match each unique personality

We recommend you to choose Razor Jetts. It has better build quality. The warranty is also better. Although the design is a subjective matter of personal preference, you may also like its design better. The sparkling effect is really cool! Although Neon Street Rollers’ lights are also nice, the build quality isn’t as good, and there’s no warranty for the product.