Razor MX400 Review: Lightweight Dirt Bike For Kids

In this Razor MX400 review, we will discuss about the qualities of an excellent dirt bike for kids. Razor MX400 a great dirt bike suitable for active children to have fun around a dirt rack. The adjustable handle bars ensure that it can fit most children, and the dual suspension system ensures superior comfort and performance in any condition. The battery life is impressive. Continue reading below to see whether Razor MX400 is a suitable choice for your kid!

Assembly and Setup
First of all, keep in mind that Razor MX400 requires some assembly before it is ready for the first use. The good news is, about 95% of the whole construction already comes assembled. There are just a few more things to attach; these parts are intentionally left to the user’s hands so that the user can adjust these parts to their liking.

First of all, you need to install the front wheel. This is easy to get done. You can do it in a minute. The tires are already inflated prior to the shipping, but they may lose some pressure during the shipping and storage. Hence, make sure that you check the tires’ pressure. You can use a bicycle tire pump that has a Schrader-type valve to pump the tires.

Second, attach the handle bars. There is a 5mm hexagonal wrench included in the package which is for attaching the handle bars onto the bike’s frame. Set the height of the handle bars as needed, then tighten the bolts properly until the handle bars no longer move forward or backward.

Next, you can attach the front fender along with the number plate. This is also very easy to be done. Finally, don’t forget to charge the battery! It is very important to charge the battery for about 12 hours before the first use. It is to ensure the battery’s performance and longevity. Once the battery is fully charged, the dirt bike is ready for use!

Size and Design
The size of Razor MX400 is just perfect for children. It is small enough to be ridden by a kid, but it is not too small that it can still be ridden by a young teenager comfortably. It is available in two color choices, red and black. You can choose your kid’s preferred color. Both generally look sporty and stylish.

Razor MX400 can accommodate a variety of user’s physicality, thanks to the adjustable riser handle bars. If your kid is rather small, you can just lower the handle bars to fit the kid. On the contrary, for a taller user, you can just pull up the handle bars. This design ensures that your kid can use Razor MX400 for several years as they grow.

Razor MX400 is relatively lightweight compared to other electric dirt bikes. With a body mass of about 65 lbs, it is still quite manageable by a kid. In the case that it falls onto the ground, the user can lift it back to a standing position quite easily.

Razor MX400 is equipped with a twist-grip acceleration control and a hand-operated brake. The controls are solid and precise. There is also a pair of foot pegs included. The foot pegs are quite durable.

If you are familiar with Razor MX350, you may be wondering about the difference between Razor MX350 and Razor MX400. These two models have similar specifications. They both use electric motors that can provide similar speeds. However, Razor MX400 is a slightly bigger model that can accommodate a bigger, heavier user. So, it is suitable not only for children but also for teenagers.

The great thing about Razor MX400 is the highly rugged steel frame. The steel construction can easily hold a user of up to 140 lbs – the maximum user weight limit. It can withstand usage abuse with no problem. The large, knobby tires are also durable enough to face the challenges of unpaved terrains.

The fender and side wings are apparently made from hard plastic. They are pretty solid and strong, and they can withstand light impacts. They have a low chance of breaking in the case that the bike falls down. However, when exposed to a particularly strong impact, the plastic parts may break.

Just like many other Razor scooters and bikes, Razor MX400 is powered by a high-torque chain-driven motor. It is able to speed up to 14 mph. This is pretty great. It can be quite fast for having fun around a dirt track.

The bike is very comfortable to ride on. The pneumatic tires reduce some impacts, but the vital part that ensures the comfort is the bike’s dual suspension system. Even when bumping and jumping through difficult dirt hills, the rider can sit neatly on the seat. In addition, the speed and brake controls are responsive enough to ensure proper control over the bike.

Battery Life
Razor MX400 is an electric dirt bike powered by a 24V rechargeable battery system consisting of two 12V sealed lead acid batteries. The battery life is very good. A small rider can ride it continuously for more than an hour, which should be enough for several laps around a dirt track. For a larger rider, it can last for about 30 – 40 minutes per charge, which isn’t bad at all.

- Scaled down, battery-powered electric moto-cross dirt bike for off-road riding - Super quiet, single speed, chain driven motor with a twist grip throttle control - Large knobby tires; hand operated rear brake - Speeds up to 12 miles per hour

Razor MX400 is a great dirt bike for children. It has adjustable handle bars which allow you to adjust the height to fit your kid properly. The steel frame is highly sturdy and durable. It comes with great features; the dual suspension system is especially awesome. The 14 mph top speed is great for children to have fun around a dirt track. The battery life is impressive, as it can last for more than an hour per charge.

Razor MX400 Review: Specifications
– Steel construction
– Double-crown fork
– Adjustable riser handlebars
– High-torque, chain-driven motor
– Twist-grip acceleration control
– Speeds up to 14mph
– Offers a continues use of up to 30 minutes
– Hand-operated rear brake
– Features large,knobby pneumatic tires
– Folding foot pegs
– Retractable kickstand
– Max User Weight: 140lbs
– Minimum Age: 13+
– Bike Weight: 65 lbs
– Bike Dimensions: 44” x 24.5” x 31”
– 24V rechargeable system (two 12V sealed lead acid batteries)
– Includes the battery charger
– Requires some assembly before use

Razor MX400 Review: Pros
– Ideal size for children, adjustable handle bars for different physicalities
– Rugged, durable steel frame
– Solid knobby tires provide good traction on unpaved paths
– Pretty lightweight, easy to handle
– Decent speed that isn’t too dangerous

Razor MX400 Review: Price
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