Razor Rx200 vs E300

Children are very active and we should encourage them to spend and play outside because movement is crucial for their growth later and avoiding those sedentary lifestyle since younger age. To support your children and let them have fun outside, electric scooter like Razor RX200 Vs E300 can be a nice companion to transport them and ride along with their friends while enjoying the fresh air at the park. If you are also considering these models, see which scooter will be the better option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do your Kid want an Electric Scooter
– What are Razor RX200 and E300
– What Razor RX200 and E300 Look Like
– How are the Power and Battery of Razor RX200 and E300
– How are the Capacity of Razor RX200 and E300
– Do Razor RX200 and E300 have Brake
– Where you can Ride Razor RX200 and E300
– Razor RX200 Vs E300

Electric Scooter for Children
As a parent we always want to give the best for our children and making sure they are always safe as well as happy, but sometimes we can’t help but worried and it is a natural instinct to feel so we can always be prepared for more crucial times. We see that there are many children nowadays don’t want to spend their free time outside the house anymore with the access to computers and high speed internet, online games are more interesting than ever.

We don’t want the children to be isolated from new technology but as a parent, we realize that letting them sitting in front of the screen and disengaging his mind from what happens in the surrounding is not wise especially since a very young age. This is why we need to motivate them to be more active and if possible spend time playing or exploring the surroundings because by being occupied in a more engaging activity will aid their learning skills and it is great to be curious.

Children’s curiosity can sometimes be a challenge but it is a nice chance to teach them or introduce new perspective to see, moreover, sedentary life is never good because it will increase the chance of rapid weight gain too as they grow up. However, it is also true that children are easily bored and keeping them entertained is not an easy thing to do so providing them with something like bike, scooter, skateboard, or rollerblade to induce those curious side will be great.

Some parents might think that pairing a children with moving object is not safe because we will never know what will happened out there and while it is indeed true, keeping them from the fun moments of childhood experiences is not a wise decision. Among those many toys, scooter is probably the safest because they are in more control about the movement as well as easier to learn for the feet can stabilize the body quickly when rider is losing balance.

In our opinion, as long as the parents teach the kid on safety and how to properly ride their toys, accidents can be minimized. Electric scooter is a more modern toy to introduce but you don’t have to be afraid for they are not going to accelerate fast especially those made for children. However, we highly recommend to also put the safety equipment on, more importantly the helmet because it will protect their head and knee or elbow pad for the safest protection as they ride out there.

About Razor RX200 and E300
As electric transportation tool is becoming very popular in the last decades, electric scooter is also widely used by adults in many big cities all around the world where the scooter is allowed. Children ride their scooters with fun and it is the same for adults as well but, in general they are more robust and bigger to accommodate our weight thenricher in features such as the Gotrax GXL Vs GXL V2. When looking for a model to suit children, you may want to pay attention to its speed and capacity as well.

It is better to find a model that doesn’t offer higher speed range and make sure that your child is old enough to be able to maneuver and use the scooter properly before sending them off to play with their friends. Among those many companies that offer electric scooter for children, Razor is one of the best when it comes to affordable and reliable choice to go with trusted quality that have been accompanying us all these years with their wide range of youth products.

They also have one for your children and if they used to love riding a kick scooter, Razor RX200 and E300 are two great options because they are designed for older children who should be able to control the scooter together with its acceleration. They are an ideal choice for anyone not exceeding 5’5’’ tall on average and meant to be ridden by at least 13 years old. As the name suggests they are quite similar to each other and in comparison the latter is also located at a slightly higher range.

Coming from a different line will make their main market different as well because with E300, teenagers and adults can also use the scooter for it has lots more capacity. The RX200 on the other hand is probably best for older children or young teenager because besides it has lower capacity, the scooter is optimized as well for riding off road in case your children are looking for a more challenging experience.

Razor RX200 and E300 Design
As you can see on the sample picture above, these scooters are very similar when it comes to design with the smooth wide foot panel, and getting thicker at the rear with their tire cover panel. This panel is fixed and doesn’t meant to be used as a brake for both are activating the brake through their own handlebar. What sets them apart from each other except for the single fashion choice of RX200 is the handlebar since this model has an elongated straight handlebar.

This type of handlebar makes controlling the scooter even easier when rolling off road since it is more responsive. Another difference is the height of their handlebar because Razor E300 scooter is slightly taller as well to accommodate teenagers and even adults. Unlike the common kick scooter, handlebar height is not something we usually can adjust in an electric scooter due to its braking mechanism. Similarly, these two are powered and stopped through the rear tire.

Razor RX200 and E300 Motor and Battery
When looking for an electric scooter, the first thing you may want to look at is the motor because it will affect the performance and to move the rear tire, both of Razor RX200 and E300 are using a similar high-torque, chain driver motor but with different watt for the latter is higher at 250 watt compared to 200 watt. The motor on E300 is also more powerful because it can deliver enough energy to speed the scooter up to 15mph while RX is topping at 12mph.

The battery seems to be similar as well but as a more powerful model, E300 will have a higher battery as well and this package is claimed to be able to provide enough juice up to 40 minutes from the full condition which is the same with RX200. Additionally, like any electric scooters, the acceleration is done through twist-grip.

Razor RX200 and E300 Capacity
Another thing you may want to pay attention to when looking for a scooter including electric models is the capacity because it is never safe to utilize something not made for us. As it has been mentioned above that Razor RX200 and E300 is designed for bigger children or from age 13 and up but they are also capable of carrying different maximum weight limit. The former is more for children or teenagers with weight limit of 154 lbs. compared to the latter that can carry up to 220 lbs.

Razor RX200 and E300 Brake
Any transporting tool need a brake to stop the unit anytime both for the rider and other people’s safety. In the past we used to stop a kick scooter by pressing the brake lever at the back with heel and it takes some practice before children can perform it properly. With electric scooter including Razor RX200 and E300, braking system often replaced with disc brake which is more accurate and fast responding as well as convenient since they are engaged from the handlebar.

Razor RX200 and E300 Application
The last thing we want to talk about is their tire because while they are using similarly thick air filled tire, when you look closely, the one we found in RX200 is more of an off-road tires with strong tread and aggressive design to let the rider roll comfortably and safely when maneuvering above those rocks or loose dirt roads. The E300 on the other hand has some nice tread as well but it is not aggressive so the scooter is probably more ideal for road usage rather than going off-road.

Razor RX200 and E300 are a great choice to let your children to explore its surroundings and be active out there while also enjoying the fun of riding their scooter. The prominent difference between both of them is that E300 will ride faster and compatible with adult rider with taller pole handle and higher weight limit but it is meant mostly for road usage unlike the RX200 which is also nice for some off-road riding.

Razor Rx200 vs E300

- With the trailblazing new RX200, the ride begins where the pavement ends
- New off-road version of the classic E200 Electric Scooter that we all know and love
- Rip up the trails at speeds up to 12 mph (19 kmh)
- Features off-road tires, disc brake and a new gear ratio for high-torque trail riding, making it off-road ready right out of the gate
- Speeds up to 15 mph
- Up to 40 minutes of continuous use Max weight 220 Pounds
- Super-sized deck and frame
- High torque, chain driven motor

There is no bad choice between them and it all depends on the user because they are quite different when it comes to specification. But, if it is meant for your children only, the RX200 is a more ideal choice.