Razor Spark vs Spark 2.0

If you are looking for a stylish scooter for your child, you should consider these two great products: Razor Spark vs Spark 2.0. Just like what the names indicate, both scooters can produce sparks when moving. They will look very cool for children. Now, we will see the differences between Razor Spark and Razor Spark 2.0 to help you choose.

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Design and Build
In terms of design and build quality, Razor Spark and Razor Spark 2.0 are almost identical. Both scooters have excellent build quality and durability. Both scooters can be folded for easy storage and transport. For a teenager, take a look at Razor A5 vs A6.

The dimensions are similar. Each scooter measures 24.5 inches x 11.5 inches x 33 inches and weighs about 6 pounds. These scooters are compact and very lightweight. They are relatively small, and are more suitable for children. The minimum age for the user is 8 years old.

Each Razor Spark  scooter here features an aircraft-grade aluminum deck and T-tube. That’s definitely an excellent choice. The material is very solid and sturdy, yet without causing the scooter to weigh too much. Each scooter here is rated to have a maximum weight capacity of 143 lbs; it should allow your child to continue using the scooter for a very long time.

Both scooters have durable urethane wheels and ABEC-5 bearings. These high-quality parts should allow Razor Spark vs Spark 2.0 to glide smoothly and perform well. They are also durable enough to withstand frequent uses, so you won’t need to replace the wheels anytime soon. The wheels and bearings should last for a long time.

On the spot where the handlebar meets the deck on each scooter, you can find the folding mechanism. Both scooters are foldable. When folded, the handlebar will lie flat on the deck. This way, you can easily carry the scooter around. It also won’t need much space for storage.

Adjustable Handlebar
Are you looking for a scooter that can grow with your child? No worries. Both Razor Spark and Razor Spark 2.0 have adjustable handlebars.

Each scooter here measures 33 inches from the front wheel to the handlebar. However, you can decrease or increase the height of the handlebar as needed. So, the scooter can easily fit the physicality of a small kid, and you will be able to gradually adjust the height as your child grows.

The height adjustment mechanism is very easy. You only need to open the quick-release lever and change the position of the T-bar to the desired level. Then, just close the quick-release lever back into its place. Even a child can use this simple mechanism without any problem.

Keep in that you can adjust the tensions of the quick-release lever by using an Allen wrench on the side Allen bolt. However, the quick-release lever should always be loose enough to open and close by hand, and the T-bar should be able to slide freely while the quick-release lever is opened. If you ever need to remove the T-bar, you can depress the button under quick-release lever in order to unlock and release the stick.

Color Choices
One notable difference between Razor Spark vs Spark 2.0 is their color choices. Since you are buying a scooter for a child, the color becomes a very important factor to consider. Children often have certain preferences when it comes to the scooter color.

Razor Spark is better in this aspect because it has more color choices. It comes with 3 color variants, which include clear, blue, and red. So, there are some options to choose from. The color options may suit a wider range of children.

Razor Spark 2.0 is only available in one color, which is red. This can be a slight problem if your child prefers a different color. That said, the red color certainly goes well with the lights and sparks of the scooter. It looks very attractive, so your child may like it even if red is not their favorite color.

Lights and Sparks
The primary difference between Razor Spark and Razor Spark 2.0 is the addition of motion-activated LED lights on the new model. It makes the scooter even more attractive for some children. However, it may not suit the taste of all children, especially when they get older.

Razor Spark doesn’t have lights. It only has a spark cartridge on the rear. When the brake is pressed, this cartridge will generate sparks from the friction. That looks really cool. Note that the spark cartridge will need to be replaced from time to time.

Razor Spark 2.0 comes with motion-activated LED lights on the wheels and the sides of the deck. They are off when the scooter is idle. However, they will automatically turn on when the scooter is moving. The lights are powered by coin batteries, which can be replaced. The scooter also has a spark cartridge on the rear.

In terms of performance, Razor Spark and Razor Spark 2.0 are similar. Both models can generate sparks when braking. The only visual difference besides the color is that Razor Spark 2.0 comes with lights. Consider that, although the lights are very attractive for a small kid, they may become an issue as your child grows older. It may appear too childish.

Thanks to their high-quality ABEC-5 bearings, these scooters can run very smoothly. They don’t create much vibration, and they are not noisy at all. Your child will feel comfortable on either scooter.

These scooters can easily move forward. Your child won’t need much effort in order to get moving. The acceleration is good. Fortunately, the wheels are rather small. This limits the maximum speed that the scooter can reach, thereby keeping the user safe.

Razor Spark vs Spark 2.0

- Scooter with foot controlled sparking mechanism
- 20% more sparks than other brands
-Additional replaceable spark cartridges also sold separately
- Motion activated LED running lights under deck
- Light up urethane wheels with rear fender brake
- Scooter with foot controlled sparking mechanism

In general, Razor Spark is more recommended. It is available in more color options. It doesn’t have lights, so it will remain usable as your child grows older. The performance is very good with low vibration and low noise.