Rossignol Soul 7 vs Experience 88

In the following article, we will compare Rossignol Soul 7 vs Experience 88. Well, it is quite common for beginners to get confused in choosing the right pair of skis. There are so many options presented to you from the market, and they can greatly differ from each other by various factors. Nevertheless, the Rossignol brand is widely considered as a great brand. Rossignol is known to produce high-quality skis. So, if you are not sure about which to choose, you can start from Rossignol’s models!

However, Rossignol Soul 7 and Rossignol Experience 88 are two different models designed for different purposes. Hence, before you make your choice, make sure that you understand the differences between these two models. Continue reading!

Different Types of Skis
One thing to remember when choosing between Rossignol Soul 7 vs Experience 88 is that they are different types of skis. Rossignol Soul 7 is a freestyle model – pretty much like Rossignol Soul 7 vs Sky 7 – which means that it is designed mainly for performing in the terrain park and half-pipe. Rossignol Soul 7 can also classify as powder skis. The design allows this pair of skis to perform excellently on deep powder snow, making it suitable for powder, backcountry, and perhaps occasional groomed runs. It is quite versatile. Keep in mind, however, that it is not designed for high-precision turns on groomed runs.

On the other hand, Rossignol Experience 88 is an all-mountain model. This pair of skis is great for all levels of groomed runs, including moguls. It is also suitable for a mix of groomed and powder. Rossignol Experience 88 can suit all age groups, genders, and experience levels. It offers easy and precise turns, and the performance can satisfy even an expert-class skier.

Design and Color
Rossignol Soul 7 is dominated by black, whereas the tip and tail are yellow. There are also some orange parts where the brand and product name are written.

Rossignol Experience 88 is mostly dark blue. The tip is orange and light blue, whereas the tail is mostly light blue. The brand and product name aren’t as pronounced, written in a smaller font.

Featured Technologies
Because these two models are designed for different purposes, they come with different technologies. However, they do have some similarities. Both Soul 7 and Experience 88 have the Light Wood cores, which are constructed from paulownia wood for reduced weight and enhanced maneuverability, agility, and control. Both models also have Minicap Sandwich constructions for lightened swing weight and enhanced edge grip and durability.

Both Soul 7 and Experience 88 also come with the new-gen super-fiber Carbon Alloy Matrix. This technology combines carbon/basalt diagonal weave with linear glass stringers for enhanced flexibility, stability, and power without eliminating the ultra-lightweight feature.

Rossignol Soul 7 is equipped with the newly designed Powder Turn Rocker. The rockered tip is longer and more progressive, designed to eliminate “tip flap” in variable snow conditions. In addition, the tapered tail drops into soft snow to enhance floatation, steering, and speed control. Rossignol Soul 7 also features the Free VAS technology, which employs a visco elastomer material through the rocker/camber transition area to reduce vibration and tip deflection.

On the other hand, Rossignol Experience 88 features the sidewall construction, which layers the core with full-length vertical sidewalls for optimized edge grip, balance, precision, and power. Rossignol Experience 88 has an extended sidecut that runs past the contact points to improve high-speed grip and low-speed handling.

Now, we are going to compare the dimensions of Rossignol Soul 7 vs Experience 88. In general, the Soul 7 is a bigger ski than the Experience 88. You can see that the waist is significantly wider. That makes sense, because it is designed to perform on soft snow or powder, hence it requires more surface area.

Rossignol Soul 77 has 136 mm tip, 106 mm waist, and 126 mm tail. The ski radius is 17 m, and the rocker profile is Powder Turn Rocker. The wide tip allows the ski to float easily on soft snow. The wide waist also provides a similar benefit. Meanwhile, the wide tail is great because it can resist sideway skids and help to sustain speed. Overall, the dimensions show that this model is really designed to be powder skis.

Rossignol Experience 88 has 135 mm tip, 88 mm waist, and 120 mm tail. The ski radius is 16 m. The rocker profile is Auto Turn Rocker. While the tip size is not too far different, the waist size is significantly smaller. The narrower waist is great for establishing an edge sooner, resulting in speedy, nimble, and agile movements and turns. This is further enhanced by the slightly smaller radius, which helps to make precision tight turns.

Available Sizes
Finally, you should know that Rossignol Soul 7 vs Experience 88 come with different sizes. Rossignol Soul 7 has fewer sizes, with just four sizes available. The Soul 7 is available in 164 cm, 172 cm, 180 cm, and 188 cm. On the other hand, Rossignol Experience 88 provides more sizes with five options available. The Experience 88 is available in 156 cm, 164 cm, 172 cm, 180 cm, and 188 cm.

Choosing the right ski size is very personal and subjective. However, beginners can start by considering their height, ability, and aggressiveness. More skilled and aggressive you are skiers are recommended to choose the higher sizes.

With Rossignol Soul 7, beginners should choose the size that is closest to their height subtracted by 5 cm. More experienced skiers can choose based on the height alone without subtraction or addition. Experts should add the height with 5 cm.

With Rossignol Experience 88, beginners should consider the size that is closest to their height subtracted by 10 cm. Intermediate skiers can choose based on the height alone or subtract 5 cm, depending on the preferred comfort. Experts should add the height with 5 cm.

- Air tip
- Light wood
- Powder Turn Rocker
- Auto Turn Rocker blends powerful edge grip
- 50% Off-Trail/ 50% On-Trail
- Binding System: Open

You should choose based on your primary use. Rossignol Experience 88 should be your choice if you mainly perform on groomed runs and hard snow. It has a narrower waist and sidewalls for precision tight turns. However, you should choose Rossignol Soul 7 for freestyle and powder skis. It can work for occasional groomed runs. The waist is wider, creating more surface area for a better float.