Segway MiniLITE vs MiniPRO

Personal transportation is getting famous in the last decade. The pioneer of this transportation device is Segway. Segway currently has so many types of personal transportation and in this article we are going to compare their similar products, which are Segway MiniLITE and MiniPRO.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Segway MiniLITE and MiniPRO
– What Segway MiniLITE and MiniPRO can offer to you
– Segway MiniLITE vs MiniPRO

About Segway
Segway is self-balancing two wheeled human transporter or personal transporter manufactured by Segway Inc. These personal transporters was first invented by Dean Kamen and introduced to the market in 2001. The term human transporter now is being used to generally call small electric portable transport devices. Segway Inc. the manufacturer of Segway is the pioneer of self-balancing personal transporters and the holder of many key patents and based in New Hampshire, United States.

About Segway MiniLITE
Segway MiniLITE is one of the many types of Segway has made until now. The product claims to be very precise and smooth when maneuvering. This unit is steer by using a lightly pressure at the left and right on the knee control bar. And has maximum payload of 175 pounds, it can travels up to 10 miles on a single charge and zooms around at up to 10 mph.

Segway MiniLITE Features
Using the app it comes with; you will be taken through steering the MiniLITE and some other exercise to get you familiar with the unit. Before you complete the trial, the speed will be limited or restricted. After finishing the tutorial, you will be able to unlock the training mode, where for the next 1 km your speed is still limited. These phase is important, since you will know whether you can handle the MiniLITE with or without additional handle bar, which is need to be purchased if you think you need it.

About Segway MiniPRO
Segway MiniPRO is another personal transporter by Segway Inc. The look of Segway MiniPRO is very similar to the MiniLITE we talked above. The unit comes with a smartphone app called the Ninebot app, which will gives you access to most of the scooter’s custom features. (See another comparison between Segway miniPRO vs EPIKGO)

Segway MiniPRO Features
The app is capable of adjusting light color, modifying safety features, upgrade firmware, run vehicle diagnostics and even using it to remotely move your MiniPRO. The MiniPRO was designed to be effectively performs in ambient light environments in day or night with its automatic headlights and LED taillights that will light the way and also makes you visible to others. Other interesting feature is the app able to lock the miniPRO with an Anti-theft alarm and notify you when your scooter is being moved without your concern.

With the new improvements on MiniPRO vacuum tires and high performance dual motor, humps, slopes, and other road obstacles are no longer problem. The MiniPRO scooter is able to adjust its power to handle each road conditions without sacrificing your safety and stability. The engine claims to be easily traverse in 15 slopes and has 3.5-inch chassis that will turn bumps and vibrations into smooth ride.

When comparing both of MiniLITE and MiniPRO, it is wise to consider the features. MiniLITE is marketed mainly for children above 6 years to use for their entertainment, which is why the maximum load is only up to 80 kg. While the MiniPRO is marketed for adults that can takes up to 100kg weight. The maximum speed is also limited to 16 km/h in LITE while in PRO it is up to 18 km/h. The maximum climb angle is also better in PRO with 15 while in LITE it is only 10.

Segway MiniLITE vs MiniPRO

- 11 miles of range on a fully charged battery and top speed of 10 mph (depending on rider's weight and riding habits)
- UL-2272 certified-meets high standards of fire and electrical safety set by world-renown global safety science company underwriters laboratories
- Connect to the mobile app via Bluetooth for full features: remote control operation, anti-theft alarm, speed control, customizable lights, vehicle diagnostics, and firmware updates
- Appropriate age-16-60. UL 2272 Certified unit meets high standards of fire and electrical safety set by world-renown global safety science company Underwriters Laboratories

Based form those, if you intend to purchase personal transporter for yourself or if you are an adult, we are going to recommend you the PRO, but if you want to give it as present for your children, you may want to opt for the LITE.