Segway miniPRO vs EPIKGO

If you are currently looking for an advanced scooter with better performance, these two models are the very best options available on the market. Both Segway miniPRO and EPIKGO have received compliments and lots of positive reviews from their respective users. However, Segway miniPRO is currently more expensive than EPIKGO. In addition, these two models also have some significant differences, start from the designs to the performance levels. So, which is the self-balancing scooter most suitable for you? Find the answer after reading the comparisons below!

As mentioned above, Segway miniPRO and EPIKGO have very different designs. Segway miniPRO is the one that is coming with a padded knee bar. The padded knee bar is a very nice feature. This feature greatly increases comfort, at the same time enabling precision steering and ergonomic control. This is because, unlike the typical scooters that rely on the pivoting of the feet for steering, Segway miniPRO’s padded knee bar acts like a steering guide. The frame is lightweight yet extremely durable, made from aircraft-grade magnesium alloy, and the tires are 10.5” pneumatic with military-grade shock absorption capabilities. The maximum payload is 220 lbs.

On the other hand, EPIKGO is more like the typical scooter, except that it is 30% larger. Having a wider surface, EPIKGO offers improved stability and control. This self-balancing scooter has been equipped with large, solid rubber tires for all-terrain purposes. The maximum weight limit is quite higher at 260 lbs. EPIKGO is available in three color options: Elite Silver, Rose Gold, and Space Grey. Both Segway miniPRO and EPIKGO have passed all electrical safety tests, and both are already UL 2272 certified.

Features and Performance
Segway miniPRO has a nice special feature, which is the Bluetooth connectivity. By connecting the Segway to your smartphone, you will be able to control the vehicle remotely, customize the lights, diagnose problems, and have the anti-theft alarm. It is able to run at up to 10 mph, with 14 miles of maximum distance.

Meanwhile, EPIKGO can only reach distances up to 12 miles away. But the top speed is higher, 12 mph. EPIKGO also offers the fast charging feature, which enables you to recharge the vehicle to full power in just two hours. The 400W dual motors ensure dependable power for climbing slopes – it can climb a sloping terrain with up to 18 degrees of lean.

- Connect to the mobile app via Bluetooth for full features: remote control operation, anti-theft alarm, speed control, customizable lights, vehicle diagnostics, and firmware updates.
- UL 2272 Certified unit meets high standards of fire and electrical safety set by world-renown global safety science company Underwriters Laboratories.
- 220 lbs payload, light-weight, and durable aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame and 10.5 inch pneumatic air-filled tires with military-grade shock absorption capability
- GO SAFER - UL 2272 Certified balance board with UL2271 Certified Smart Battery. Underwent and passed 159 tests regarding safety regulations, meaning no potential fire hazards.
- MORE POWER - EPIKGO has 400W Dual Motors that help it climb slopes as steep as 18 degree and last over 1 hour and over 10mile range on a single charge, making it the most powerful balance board on the market.
- GO ANYWHERE - Solid rubber tires for all- terrain purposes. Rated IP56 for solidness and water resistance. Easily maneuver through grass, mud and sand on the board built to do more

Well, both are excellent products. You can’t really go wrong with either. EPIKGO is suitable for you who are always on the go, as it recharges quickly and runs fast. It should also be your choice if your place has some slopes. Otherwise, if you prefer comfort and convenience, then Segway miniPRO is the way to go. The knee bar is very comfy, and the Bluetooth integration is very handy for customization and troubleshooting.