Space Scooter vs Rockboard

Space Scooter vs Rockboard can be a tricky decision. Space Scooter and Rockboard are the most popular convertible scooters on the market right now. These convertible scooters are very fun to ride. No wonder that many children really love them. You can ride it by kicking, just like riding a regular kick scooter. You can also ride it by rocking back and forth. It will glide forward like a bicycle.

So, between Space Scooter and Rockboard, which one is better? Below, we will see the comparisons between Space Scooter vs Rockboard based on several factors to help you decide. Although these scooters are standing in the same price range, there is still some price difference. They also come with different color choices and some different specifications.

Although we can say that Space Scooter and Rockboard fall in the same price segment of the market, there is still a considerable price difference between these two products. Of the two, Space Scooter is the more affordable model. You can get it with a budget of less than one hundred and fifty dollars. On the other hand, Rockboard is quite more expensive with a price tag sitting close to the two hundred dollars line.

Color Choices
Space Scooter is coming with more color choices than Rockboard. Not to mention that Space Scooter appears sportier. There are nine color choices: Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Red/Blue, Blue, Orange, Pink, and White. Children will love the flashy graphics and design.

The Rockboard scooter is also stylish and sporty in its own way. However, it is only available in four color options, which are White, Red, Blue, and Orange. The top side of the deck is plain black, but the sides are decorated with the product name written in an artistic font.

Weight Limit and Deck Size
Although these two scooters are almost similar in terms of size, the Rockboard scooter is actually a little bit bigger and more spacious than Space Scooter. As the effect, a child with a bigger body size will probably find Rockboard more comfortable and convenient than Space Scooter. In addition, the Rockboard’s deck seems to be a little bit thicker as well, making it appear sturdier and more durable.

Nevertheless, these two scooters have similar weight limit. They are both suitable for users up to 200 lbs (about 90 kg). With such weight limit, they are virtually suitable for all children. Most teenagers will also find no trouble riding them. The minimum age recommendation is eight years old.

Height Adjustment
When choosing between Space Scooter vs Rockboard, one of the things that you need to consider is the height. Both have adjustable handle bars. With an adjustable handle bar, you can easily fit the tallness of the scooter to suit your child’s height. However, they have different height ranges.

Space Scooter is taller. By default, the height of the handle bar is about 40 inches. There are two more height settings. The first setting adds 4-5/8 inches to the initial height. Meanwhile, the second setting adds 9-1/4 inches to the initial height. So, this scooter is more suitable for taller users.

On the other hand, the Rockboard is generally shorter. The adjustable handle bar has a quick-release system for the height. The height is adjustable from 36 inches to 46.5 inches. This scooter is more suitable for shorter users.

Design and Build Quality
Both Space Scooter and Rockboard are foldable. Each of the two scooters can be folded down into a neat, compact form when not in use. This feature saves storage space. However, they are rather heavy.

Both models have excellent build quality. Their frames are constructed from ultra-strong steel. Their chains are also made from steel. For sure, these scooters are rugged and durable. However, Space Scooter features an air suspension, whereas Rockboard is equipped with a spring-enhanced die-cast aluminum rear suspension. Space Scooter accelerates incredibly smoothly, which is very nice and pleasant. But Rockboard’s suspension seems to be more durable.

Wheel Type and Size
The next difference between Space Scooter vs Rockboard is the wheel. They are equipped with different wheels. Not only the material, but also the size.

Space Scooter is equipped with heavy-duty plastic wheels. On the good side, these wheels are quite sturdy and durable. They don’t break easily. However, it is possible that the plastic wheels get nicked when brought through a rough terrain. In addition, these solid wheels do not reduce or attenuate road impacts and vibrations very well. The wheels are smaller; the diameter is only about 6 inches (152.4 mm).

On the other hand, Rockboard is equipped with urethane wheels with rigid nylon spokes. These wheels are quite durable, and they reduce road vibrations slightly better. In addition, the wheels are larger. The diameter is about 7.8 inches (200 mm). With larger wheels, this scooter is able to smooth out road impacts more effectively. The larger wheels also allow this scooter to accelerate to higher speeds.

Space Scooter is given a nice warranty. Although the limited warranty only covers manufacturing defects (it will not cover physical damages), the duration is quite convincing. The warranty period is one year.

The Rockboard scooter is also given a limited warranty, which covers only manufacturing defects and not physical damages. However, the warranty period is much shorter, only 90 days since the purchase date. As the effect, you should inspect the product right out of the box. You want to make sure that there is no manufacturing defect. If there is, you want to claim for the warranty right away. If you don’t inspect the product first, you may miss a defect; sometimes, a defect cannot be noticed in usage immediately and silently causes bigger problems.

- Dual-mode Super - silent drive system
- Move the platform up and down in a teeter-totter-like motion.
- Anti-roll-back protection. Handbrake included
- Reinforced handlebar assembly for safety and oversized nylon coupler allows
- Telescope downpipe with height adjustment lock lets you adjust the handles to your exact height
- Racing inspired bearings to keep your ROCKBOARD SCOOTER rolling

These two products have different advantages and weaknesses, so choosing between the two can be ultimately confusing. However, Space Scooter comes out as the winner. It can give you the best value for the money. It has solid build quality and more color choices. The longer warranty is the biggest advantage. Although the wheels are not very durable, they can be changed later. On the other hand, Rockboard is nice because of the build quality, height adjustment range, and wheels, but the warranty is very short.