Swagtron T1 vs T5

Swagtron is one of the most renowned brands of self-balancing scooters, a.k.a. hoverboards. Of course, self-balancing scooters are now very popular, especially among teenagers and young adults. There are even some celebrities who use them. These stylish boards appear cool and futuristic, and they are indeed very convenient and easy to use. If you are looking for one right now, there is a big chance that you end up considering either Swagtron T1 or Swagtron T5. About these two products, Swagtron T1 is generally considered as the higher model, standing at a higher price point, whereas Swagtron T5 is classified as an entry-level hoverboard. Continue reading below for the more detailed comparisons between Swagtron T1 and Swagtron T5!

Design and Construction
As an entry-level hoverboard, Swagtron T5 already has a satisfying design and build quality. The housing is solid and durable, able to hold up to 187 lbs weight, and it has a nice gloss finish on it. It is available in two color choices: black and white. The hoverboard doesn’t have much to show from the outside, but it is indeed already armed with the patented Swagtron SentryShield, a smart battery management system that creates multi-layered protection for both you and the hoverboard. It has the UL 2272 certification, meaning that it has passed all electrical safety tests. (See also: Swagtron T1 vs T3)

On the other hand, Swagtron T1 appears somewhat more stylish due to featuring a pair of LED headlights, which are very useful when going out at night. The housing is more durable than Swagtron T5, as indicated by the higher weight limit of 220 lbs. It also has the Swagtron SentryShield system and UL 2272 certification. Swagtron T1 is available in various color choices, including black, red, blue, and yellow.

Features and Performance
Both models are equipped with battery indicators. We have mentioned above that Swagtron T1 has LED headlights. Both models are able to stop safely when running out of power, slowing down to zero instead of stopping abruptly in the middle of acceleration. Both models also have the learning mode, which lets first-timers to learn and adapt to the hoverboard’s controls.

However, Swagtron T5 is only armed with a 200W motor. Swagtron T5 can reach 7 mph top speed and 7 miles maximum range. On the other hand, Swagtron T1boasts an upgraded 250W motor and gear stabilization for improved performance, tighter control, and better downhill traction. It is able to speed up to 8 mph, with 11 miles maximum range.

- Cruise with swag on your hoverboard boasting an 8 mph top speed and 11 mile range - weight up to 220 lbs
- UL 2272 certified - the SWAGTRON 2-wheel self-balancing scooter excelled in all electrical safety tests
- This swag motorized scooter’s new features include: LED headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers, and two riding modes
- This swag motorized scooter’s new features include: battery indicators and learning mode
- Patented SWAGTRON SentryShield smart battery management system provides multi layered hover skate-board protection
- This balance scooter features an upgraded 200 Watt motor and gear stabilization for tighter control and downhill traction

In general, Swagtron T1 is indeed the best way to go. It has better features and performance. If you can get it with some discount, then go for it! Swagtron T5 is good for the money, but the performance is not that good.